Week 48

Monday, 28 November 2016
What a wonderful week it was.  Here are the highlights. 

Don't laugh but I've decided to change the bears food.  When we first got them, I fed them on the same canned food that I did Eddie. I noticed this wasn't great for Bertie, so I did some research and changed them to one of the better ones, called Burns.  Its been fine, but Bertie is, and how do I put it! .... Highly strung lol.  He has a lot of hyperactivity traits, so back to research, and also a lot of chat with IG friends, who have terriers.  The result is, I'm now cooking him and Molly food from scratch.  The one I've been trying this week is, Turkey Mince, Chicken Liver, Butternut Squash, Lentils and Pearl Barley.  I can honestly say .... they love it.  I know it's going to take some time, but I'll see how this affects him. You'll laugh as when Simon walked in the door, he thought it smelt amazing and the the food was for him! .... He got a baked potato instead lol
Also this week, I got the most AMAZING surprise.  Simon bought me a Liberty Beauty Advent calendar.  I was so so shocked, he surprised me with it, and its gorgeous.  I can't wait for the 1st to come around.  So sweet, he went the morning it was released and queued up to buy it. It sold out in a day, and I couldn't be happier.  Its so beautiful inside too. 

I also did some baking for a friend who had a bake sale at Simon's office.  I may have had a slice or two while baking. 

Then Friday, Simon and I went along to the Winter Brocante, oh I had the most amazing time. Gorgeous shopping, but also I met up with a lot of Instagram friends. I just loved my day, and we took the bears too, and they behaved so so well. Lots of people took their photo, it was so funny. Then in  the evening I went out for a meal with my neighbours. I'm so so lucky to live next to the most amazing group of women, who are also my friends, not just neighbours. 

Saturday saw us taking out our Christmas decorations and putting up our trees. We've a new tree this year, a bit of a change for us, as it's frosted and has a more realistic shape. I love it.  Our decorations take quite a while to put up, but that's half the fun really. 

That evening we went to Colin & Maria's (our next door neighbours) and had a lovely evening. So as you can see, a good week was certainly had. 

Week 47

Monday, 21 November 2016
After Simon's hospital procedure, he took this week off to rest and work from home.  I don't think he'll ever take a week off work completely.  Anyway, we took it nice and easy this week, so here are the highlights.
The bears had a trip to the groomers ... they were not impressed.  That evening, while Simon doggie sat, I went off to Fortnum & Masons for a workshop on Modern Calligraphy.  It was a 2 hour class, and so much fun.  Now I just need to practice, practice and practice some more.

As I said this was a lazy restful week for Simon, but we did pop out for the odd coffee and cake. Well, you have too, don't you. 

Then on Friday,  again Simon doggie sat, and I met up with Jo, for a day out at the Stitching, Sewing and Hobbycraft show, in Excel.  We had a lovely day, and I came back with some new stash. 

On Saturday, we attended an Aga demo on Christmas cooking. Honestly, I can't tell you, how amazing the food was, and I've a few ideas that I want to try. 

Lastly, I spent Sunday working on my project life album. I'm shocked at how behind I am on it, but its been lovely going back through the photos from the beginning of the year.  I'm hoping to carry on with it this week. 

There you have it, a lovely lazy week, which was certainly needed.  Thank you for your good wishes to Simon. He's back to work today, but under strict instructions to take it nice and easy. 

Hygge - First Things First

Wednesday, 16 November 2016
You may remember, I said I wanted to stop and think about being my grateful this November. To really take the time to realise how lucky I am and just enjoy the everyday moments.   So let me share with you, a few of my "Hygge" photos.

Now, I've been reading quite a lot about Hygge, and I must say, what I've learnt so far really appeals, and I thought I'd share over the weeks a few ideas of how to live the Nordic way.

Coffee. Yes, I know, funny how its one of the first things I've read about Hygge that really does appeal to me lol, but it's so much more than that. The Danes drink coffee, but not like us, its not a grab and go thing that it seems these days that we all do.  No, they take the time to sit and enjoy it. Having coffee with friends, and really enjoy the moment, and usually with a cinnamon bun.  Which brings me nicely, to my second favourite bit about Hygge.

Eat without Guilt.  Yes, that's right, having cake or a danish with your coffee.  They enjoy sticky buns, fresh bread and homemade jam; mugs of hot chocolate, and mulled wine, are all very hygge.  You can always take that long walk tomorrow.

I actually picked up a new book on the subject today in Costco, and it has a large section on food, with a lot of recipes.  I'll be trying out a few and I'll share this with you soon.

Week 46

Monday, 14 November 2016
What a week it was

It started at the little house, and it was just what we needed, as it feels like its been a while since we were there.  I think the next time we're there though, we'll be putting up the decorations. 
When we got back, I met up with Emma and I was over the moon, that she had managed to get me another hob cover from TK Maxx. So now, Betty Blue is dressed for the winter. 

This week I also managed to take out my pre Christmas boxes ... and in case you're wondering what would be pre Christmas, its things more winter themed, and bits that aren't just about decorating the tree.  So Christmas mugs, fairy lights, winter tea towels, and even cushions 

The biggest thing though was that Simon had to have his operation on his feet on Friday.  Poor chap, went in for 9am, and we were told nothing to eat or drink from the night before, but they didn't take him down to surgery until 1.30 in the afternoon.  It's always a worry when I don't know when I'll be able to chat with him, but I was over the moon when he faced time'd me.  

Glad to say I picked him up late afternoon and he has spent the weekend resting. He's off this coming week, and not a lot planned, which is just how it should be for him.   

Have a lovely week friends, I hope you were ok with my last unusual post on trends in the home. I enjoyed taking a different route with my blog; and I've more interior ideas to share with you in the future, of course, I'm also hoping to get back into crafting .... I'm feeling far more creative these days too.  I'm looking forward to seeing how my blog grows. 

Copper Trend

Thursday, 10 November 2016
During my journey to update our home, I thought I'd do this, by bringing some of the new trends into it.  Nothing big, just the odd piece here and there.  So with that in mind, I'm going to share with you some of those that interest me, and show you how I'm going to incorporate them into our home.

So first up, one of the biggest trends in interiors this year has been copper .... seriously it's everywhere. Now, I'm always on the look out on way to update our home, and I don't see this trend moving along anytime soon.  Actually, I've got a copper kettle which used to belong to Simon's Nans.

So let me share with you a few things that might interest you.

First up I'm loving the cox and cox wrapping paper ; then Next have a fabulous kitchen section in copper, including these salt & pepper pots.  Dunelm, always delivers great value trends, and the light pendant and cushion are from them (I'm hoping to get the cushion, I mean come on, its gorgeous). Another shop on my list, is always Wilko, and this latern is lovely.  John Lewis, always do the most amazing Christmas decorations, so if copper is your colour for your tree this year, these are a must.  Last but by no means least ... The place for great on trend design, is always Not on the High Street, and I'm feeling, this little copper vase, may fall into my basket. 

I've kept all my finds, under £20, its a way to see if you're interested in a trend and then maybe if you feel its working for you, a more substantial purchase is worth investing in. 

Here are a few copper things, that I've dotted around my home.
I've also bought some copper/rose coloured candles too, as my idea, is that I can use the larger ones as vases after I've burnt them.  

This trend certainly works during Autumn and Winter when we're looking to bring warmth and cosiness into our homes.  I hope you've enjoyed this slightly different post from me, I've few more in ideas to share with you soon 


Week 45

Monday, 7 November 2016
These weeks are rushing by, aren't they?, but let me give you the highlights from week 45
The weather has been amazing, perfect Autumn days, which the bears have just loved.  I did my last walk of Tommy, oh he's such a sweet dog.  I made my Christmas cake, which was the first time in the Aga this year.  It took 14 hours in the simmering oven, but oh my goodness, it smells amazing.

We then took ourselves off to the Little House for a long weekend.  We've been putting summer to bed, so to speak there and we've enjoyed lots of lovely evenings by the fire.  I managed to get hold of some poppies that I believe are meant to go on zips. Instead I put them on the bears leads and quite a few people have commented on them.

One big plus was that while putting away my summer bits, I found a Christmas cake that I made last year, so I've started re-feeding it with brandy and I'm looking forward to eating it this year.

The weather has certainly broken now, and we've had quite a bit of rain, and some very cold walks along the sea wall.

I hope you have an enjoyable week, I've got some blog reading to catch up with, so that's a big plus for me. xx


Saturday, 5 November 2016
The buzz word for winter 2016 is going to be Hygge, you'll probably have seen lots of books on the shelves about it.  Its the one that seems to have pushed aside the decluttering and colouring books, to be on everyone's Christmas list this year.

If you've not heard of it, its a Danish word, which is pronounced hue-gah, and I believe that it actually doesn't have a translation for us; although think comfort and pleasure in the little things.  Its all about making the ordinary everyday things special.  Now that can be as easy as stopping and really enjoying that cup of coffee, savouring it rather than rushing it and running out the door, or making a hot chocolate a ritual with all the trimmings.  Lighting your candles  when you have your dinner, but not making it a big fancy occasion, but rather bringing comfort and intimacy into your home.  Think wooly socks and reading good books by your fire.

They do say the Danes are the happiest nation in the world, and most of that is associated with Hygge. Now although the word is Danish, I don't think the concept is really anything new to us Brits; we've all played board games, and had the fun evening with family or friends over dinner that have lasted hours and hours, where we've just spent time laughing and chatting away.  The are the moments that we need to acknowledge.

All this has made me want to sop and think about Hygge in a more in depth way, so this November, I'm setting myself a challenge.  I'm having a 30 days of gratefulness and Hygge.  I'll be sharing a few of my photos over the coming weeks with you, but this isn't just going to stop after November, no, I hope to continue this through the winter and beyond.  I'm going to try and connect with the simple things in life.