Monday, 21 November 2016

Week 47

After Simon's hospital procedure, he took this week off to rest and work from home.  I don't think he'll ever take a week off work completely.  Anyway, we took it nice and easy this week, so here are the highlights.
The bears had a trip to the groomers ... they were not impressed.  That evening, while Simon doggie sat, I went off to Fortnum & Masons for a workshop on Modern Calligraphy.  It was a 2 hour class, and so much fun.  Now I just need to practice, practice and practice some more.

As I said this was a lazy restful week for Simon, but we did pop out for the odd coffee and cake. Well, you have too, don't you. 

Then on Friday,  again Simon doggie sat, and I met up with Jo, for a day out at the Stitching, Sewing and Hobbycraft show, in Excel.  We had a lovely day, and I came back with some new stash. 

On Saturday, we attended an Aga demo on Christmas cooking. Honestly, I can't tell you, how amazing the food was, and I've a few ideas that I want to try. 

Lastly, I spent Sunday working on my project life album. I'm shocked at how behind I am on it, but its been lovely going back through the photos from the beginning of the year.  I'm hoping to carry on with it this week. 

There you have it, a lovely lazy week, which was certainly needed.  Thank you for your good wishes to Simon. He's back to work today, but under strict instructions to take it nice and easy. 


  1. Sounds like a perfect week. Lovely photos Sandra.
    Toni xx

  2. I hope he does what he's told and takes it easy on his first week back.

    Calligraphy: now there's a skill that would be very useful..all those thing you can add your lovely writing too now :)

  3. So glad Simon is doing well! Robbie was off on vacation last week and he would have taken the entire week off without working . . . except he kept getting calls & texts and ended up having to be on a 2-hour conference fall one day. :(

  4. Woah I nearly missed this post - blogger decided to hide my dashboard but I've found it now - ha!! Glad Simon is ok after his op - sounds a great week, learning, spending eating -what more can you ask for!!

  5. What a lovely week, I really enjoyed our day out. I hope Simon is improving x


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