Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Hygge - First Things First

You may remember, I said I wanted to stop and think about being my grateful this November. To really take the time to realise how lucky I am and just enjoy the everyday moments.   So let me share with you, a few of my "Hygge" photos.

Now, I've been reading quite a lot about Hygge, and I must say, what I've learnt so far really appeals, and I thought I'd share over the weeks a few ideas of how to live the Nordic way.

Coffee. Yes, I know, funny how its one of the first things I've read about Hygge that really does appeal to me lol, but it's so much more than that. The Danes drink coffee, but not like us, its not a grab and go thing that it seems these days that we all do.  No, they take the time to sit and enjoy it. Having coffee with friends, and really enjoy the moment, and usually with a cinnamon bun.  Which brings me nicely, to my second favourite bit about Hygge.

Eat without Guilt.  Yes, that's right, having cake or a danish with your coffee.  They enjoy sticky buns, fresh bread and homemade jam; mugs of hot chocolate, and mulled wine, are all very hygge.  You can always take that long walk tomorrow.

I actually picked up a new book on the subject today in Costco, and it has a large section on food, with a lot of recipes.  I'll be trying out a few and I'll share this with you soon.


  1. Lovely post :-) I'm liking the Hygge concept - in fact I need to pop out for a few bits and pieces and I feel a cinnamon swirl might fall into my basket ;-) xx

  2. Eating without guilt! I embrace this concept!!

  3. Non guilt Danish pastries. I've waited a long time for someone to say that to me :)

    Maybe you have Viking blood?

  4. Lovely photos, it all sounds very interesting x


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