Monday, 28 November 2016

Week 48

What a wonderful week it was.  Here are the highlights. 

Don't laugh but I've decided to change the bears food.  When we first got them, I fed them on the same canned food that I did Eddie. I noticed this wasn't great for Bertie, so I did some research and changed them to one of the better ones, called Burns.  Its been fine, but Bertie is, and how do I put it! .... Highly strung lol.  He has a lot of hyperactivity traits, so back to research, and also a lot of chat with IG friends, who have terriers.  The result is, I'm now cooking him and Molly food from scratch.  The one I've been trying this week is, Turkey Mince, Chicken Liver, Butternut Squash, Lentils and Pearl Barley.  I can honestly say .... they love it.  I know it's going to take some time, but I'll see how this affects him. You'll laugh as when Simon walked in the door, he thought it smelt amazing and the the food was for him! .... He got a baked potato instead lol
Also this week, I got the most AMAZING surprise.  Simon bought me a Liberty Beauty Advent calendar.  I was so so shocked, he surprised me with it, and its gorgeous.  I can't wait for the 1st to come around.  So sweet, he went the morning it was released and queued up to buy it. It sold out in a day, and I couldn't be happier.  Its so beautiful inside too. 

I also did some baking for a friend who had a bake sale at Simon's office.  I may have had a slice or two while baking. 

Then Friday, Simon and I went along to the Winter Brocante, oh I had the most amazing time. Gorgeous shopping, but also I met up with a lot of Instagram friends. I just loved my day, and we took the bears too, and they behaved so so well. Lots of people took their photo, it was so funny. Then in  the evening I went out for a meal with my neighbours. I'm so so lucky to live next to the most amazing group of women, who are also my friends, not just neighbours. 

Saturday saw us taking out our Christmas decorations and putting up our trees. We've a new tree this year, a bit of a change for us, as it's frosted and has a more realistic shape. I love it.  Our decorations take quite a while to put up, but that's half the fun really. 

That evening we went to Colin & Maria's (our next door neighbours) and had a lovely evening. So as you can see, a good week was certainly had. 


  1. Oh Advent calendar envy happening here! That one is gorgeous!!!!! I do an online advent calendar. I know the content of my fur girls food better than my own - I am sure you will be pleased that all that effort will pay off. Yes you are very blessed having such a lovely group of friends & neighbours.

  2. Poor Simon, he buys you a lovely treat and then comes home to find the bears have got a better dinner than he has! We had a few 'issues' finding a food that suited Coco when she was little but found that Barking Heads were good for her, and they have many different varieties for different kinds of temperaments/digestions. (And cheaper than Burns!) She now has 50/50 kibble and wet food, the most recent variety was Wild Boar and Pork - it smelt so good, you could have put it in a pie dish with a pastry crust and had it for dinner!

  3. Aw, what a lovely lovely thing for him to do! Maybe he only got a baked potato, but I think he knows how much love you put into looking after your three!

  4. I've had to change our pooches food over the years, hes now on a really basic complete dog food as he was always bringing up the lining of his stomach bless him, hes much better now!!
    I spy a friends makes in that photo, the trees on bobbins by Suzanne, shes amazing at crafts :) x

  5. Simon is such a lovely man, what a shame we can't clone him and have one each! It looks like you've had a really lovely week but this is a post that I certainly won't let Alfie see otherwise he'll expect me to cook all of his meals from scratch :) xx

  6. That sounds and looks to have been a very full week. Those bears are truly spoiled!

  7. Isn't Simon a sweetie.
    Lovely photos Sandra.
    Toni xx

  8. Wow, all of that in one week - it does sound wonderful!


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