Saturday, 5 November 2016


The buzz word for winter 2016 is going to be Hygge, you'll probably have seen lots of books on the shelves about it.  Its the one that seems to have pushed aside the decluttering and colouring books, to be on everyone's Christmas list this year.

If you've not heard of it, its a Danish word, which is pronounced hue-gah, and I believe that it actually doesn't have a translation for us; although think comfort and pleasure in the little things.  Its all about making the ordinary everyday things special.  Now that can be as easy as stopping and really enjoying that cup of coffee, savouring it rather than rushing it and running out the door, or making a hot chocolate a ritual with all the trimmings.  Lighting your candles  when you have your dinner, but not making it a big fancy occasion, but rather bringing comfort and intimacy into your home.  Think wooly socks and reading good books by your fire.

They do say the Danes are the happiest nation in the world, and most of that is associated with Hygge. Now although the word is Danish, I don't think the concept is really anything new to us Brits; we've all played board games, and had the fun evening with family or friends over dinner that have lasted hours and hours, where we've just spent time laughing and chatting away.  The are the moments that we need to acknowledge.

All this has made me want to sop and think about Hygge in a more in depth way, so this November, I'm setting myself a challenge.  I'm having a 30 days of gratefulness and Hygge.  I'll be sharing a few of my photos over the coming weeks with you, but this isn't just going to stop after November, no, I hope to continue this through the winter and beyond.  I'm going to try and connect with the simple things in life.


  1. What a lovely cosy scene Sandra.
    If you don't already follow Kerryanne English (the Shabby Art Boutique), you might want to pop over to her blog as "Simply Christmas 2016" is underway. She shares some lovely shabby ideas for putting 'home' back at the centre of things.
    Have a super week.
    Toni xx

  2. How lovely! I'm hoping for that hygge book for Christmas..and another one I've seen called "A Year of Living Danishly", I think.

    Stay cosy :)

  3. It's such an interesting concept is t it? Looking forward to seeing how you interpret it into your life!

  4. After seeing the post in Friends Across the Fence, about Hygge, I ran it past several friends - oh yes we are all on board for practising, creating, developing, enhancing Hygge. You & one of the Bears look very comfortable.

  5. It's such a lovely idea, to just slow down and enjoy x


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