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Week 9 ... The week that was

Monday, 29 February 2016
a planning sort of week.

It started with a long weekend being spent at the little house. 
I came home to a wonderful package sent to me from an Instagram friend.  I've made some really amazing friends on there, and hope one day to meet up with a few. This one in particular. 
A little bit of spring showed its face, and Molly loved it.
I tried out a new hairdressers, and happy to say I like it. So this week, I'm back to have my grey taken away.
I can't tell you how embarrassed I was to put this out! ... Lets just say, I did a bigger order, in way of saying sorry.
I'm bullet journal obsessed.
My lovely friend and neighbour popped in ... I think to see me, but the bears think otherwise.
Maria (my neighbour) and I are starting up a new blog together ... which goes live tomorrow, so I'm very excited.  It will be full of the things that inspire us, recipes, interiors, health etc.
Having an Aga has always been my dream, so we called into the store at the weekend. My old cooker is needing some TLC, so its decision time.
We also called into the Farrow & Ball store! ... Seriously, how many shades of white are there, and why can't I pick one. I'm leaning towards either Wimborne White or Pointing (I think).
Simon decided it was time to teach the bears about the finer things on tv, which meant watching the rugby lol

And finally Sunday, was pretty much like the last Sunday, just a different home but still chilling by the fire.

Have a great week friends.

Week 8 ... The week that was

Monday, 22 February 2016
Creative! ... yup I had a lovely week filled with creative things, which included a new Cocoa Daisy kit, a new gadget and a little scrapbooking.  Not forgetting some painting.  So here it is, a little snapshot of my week.

 Trying to decide on lighting for the living room. Still no idea
 Trying to decide on colours for the kitchen cabinets .... again, still no idea

Simon got his 1 stone award at slimming world  (I had to steal this photo of his IG account lol).
Yay, my Cocoa Daisy kit never fails to make me happy and I have given in and bought the fuse tool. I'm hoping to be able to change some of my page protectors for project life this year and make my album a little more interesting in sizes
 Always lovely to catch up with my friend, and her two gorgeous little munchkins.
 Finished the trilogy and really enjoyed them.
Spent the weekend at the little house, and Simon tried to do a little sketching ... sadly the bears had other ideas
 I've found that the island in the kitchen is perfect for scrapbooking on. Lovely to spread out.
We had the best breakfast at a new place we found on the island. Seriously the food was so tasty, and it was really busy. He's making quite a name for himself.  Nice to see places like this on the island. 
And finally ... our Sunday looked like this. Bliss

Enjoy your weekend friends.   I apologies if you've not had a visit from me on your blogs this week, for some reason a few blogs seemed to have dropped off my feedly reader and then when I tried to comment, I didn't get the keyboard show up on my iPad.  I really don't know what is happening.  So I've shut it down for a while and hope it comes to its senses.

Week 7 .... The week that was

Monday, 15 February 2016
Amazing! ... Well, any week that includes Fortnum and Mason in it, just has to be. doesn't it?

The afternoon tea was such treat, but sadly I can't show you any photos of it as the bad scrapbookers that we are, we forgot to take any.  We just dived in.  Still, the birthday girl and I had a wonderful, wonderful time.
After we had a lovely wander around the store. Oh its truly beautiful ... and eeerrr, a couple of these may have come home with me.
Simon worked from home that day, so that I didn't have to rush back, but it was certainly lovely to be home and I think I was missed. 
Simon did well again at slimming world, with a loss. 
The bears had their first yearly boosters and were so well behaved.
I bought a table runner in the sainsburys sale but it was too long, and sadly I can't have anything that hangs over the edge of tables, with a certain two in the house, so I shortened it, and made a couple of chair back protectors out of the extra bit. 
I've also been busy printing out photos for 2014, 2015 and 2016 project life albums! ... Yes, I am that behind lol.  But I'm happy to say, all the photos are now printed and put in pockets ... now the fun bit begins. 
And lastly ... well, I was truly spoilt this Valentines.
There you have it ... Week 7 all done and gone. I have some scrapbooking to get done this week, especially as I think I'm the only one in our crop Lent group that hasn't completed a layout in our challenge.

Have a lovely week friends x

Lent Scrapping Challenge

Friday, 12 February 2016
Last weekend I attended my local crop, and other than the lovely food provided by Emma, a lot of talking was done, and a challenge was set.

For Lent, Jo and Lorna have set me a challenge to do 10 layouts! ... Probably not a difficult job for most scrappers, but as I am the slowest scrapper in the world, this may prove a problem.

But I've thought it out ... and one of the things I'm going to do is take part in Jo's Five photos from the previous month.

So here they are; these are the ones, I've chosen.
Now only this morning I was chatting with Emma on the phone, and saying how Lorna has achieved 2 of the 25 I set for her (seriously, the woman is a scrapping speedster) and Jo is already packed and ready for a weekend of scrapping (I set her 25 as well). Anyway, Emma then asked how many I had created?  To this is answered (none) but! .... I've printed them out, and made a list of them.
Now, when she finally finished laughing ... her response! "Only you, could have throught it out, made a list .. probably 3 lists by now, and not scrapped a thing"

She has a point.  So lets hope by Monday I've at least done one layout or in Emma's words, "Come next Friday, you'll have 7 lists and still not scrapped". Cheek of it.

Have a lovely weekend friends.

Week 6 - The week that was .....

Monday, 8 February 2016
Filled with cake!

Yes, that's certainly how the past week feels, and to be honest, this week won't be much different.

It started with a long weekend at the little house, and oh they have the best cake shop there.
One of the reasons we love being at the little house, is people are always popping in. Simon's cousin called in and luckily she loves the bears and is happy for them to play all over her lol
I also made cake this weekend for Emma's birthday celebrations
Simon got me a magazine subscription for Christmas as my first issue arrived. 
Maria called in, and took this photo of the bears on my lap ... I think we need bigger chairs!
And then of course it was the celebrations at the crop for Emma's BIG birthday.  She arranged the food and goodness, what a fabulous job she did of it. It looked beautiful. 

Apparently I can only put up a photo of her, if I don't make her look drunk! ... Well, the only photo I have of that, is when she's not in the shot lol.  So here's the birthday girl herself. 
We're off soon to carry on the celebrations by having afternoon tea at Fortnum and Masons ... so you see now why next weeks post will be lots of cake again. 

Happy week friends. 

Goodbye January .... Hello February

Thursday, 4 February 2016
It doesn't feel like two minutes ago we were popping the bubbly and seeing the new year in, and already January has gone and we're into February.

Well it was a lovely month for sure, and if the first month was anything to go by, the year is going to be fabulous.

So the highlights ....

Some Emma Bridgewater sale goodies, a crop, my dear friend Jackie's 40th birthday party. Simon joining slimming world; Lots of time spent at the little house.  Car test driving, crafting and I got to spend a lot of time with friends.

Celebrating Simon's birthday was also in January's highlights.
There you have it .... one month down and lots of plans for February.

The week that was ...... Week 5

Monday, 1 February 2016
Social, yup that was it for sure.

It started with my usual R&D coffee with Emma on the Monday, and then on Tuesday my lovely friend Ali came over for a tea and chat.

She bought over her journaling bible that she has been doing illustrated faith in for me to see.  Its something that I'm hoping to do this year, and Ali's bible just inspired me more.
Simon had a good week at Slimming World 
I had a lovely lunch with my neighbours.
Then it was more car test driving .... we've decided against this one, as we didn't like it quite as much   as the other we test drove.
The bears had a haircut! Molly hates the groomers, so we were ignored for at least a whole minute on their return lol
Friday evening was spent at our wonderful neighbours home, in celebration of Colins birthday which was on the Wednesday gone, and Simon's birthday, which was the following day.  The food was amazing.  She made a fabulous slimming world curry for the boys (Colin, goes to SW with Simon) and as I don't like too spicy a food, she made a curry just for me.

Saturday it made it a year, that these two came into our lives and turned it upside down and inside out .... I love them, more than I can say.
The birthday boy spent his first birthday at the little house, and back home on the island for must be nearly 30 years.
 And Sunday, its all been about the chilling.
 I hope you all have a lovely week and can you believe its February already.