Friday, 12 February 2016

Lent Scrapping Challenge

Last weekend I attended my local crop, and other than the lovely food provided by Emma, a lot of talking was done, and a challenge was set.

For Lent, Jo and Lorna have set me a challenge to do 10 layouts! ... Probably not a difficult job for most scrappers, but as I am the slowest scrapper in the world, this may prove a problem.

But I've thought it out ... and one of the things I'm going to do is take part in Jo's Five photos from the previous month.

So here they are; these are the ones, I've chosen.
Now only this morning I was chatting with Emma on the phone, and saying how Lorna has achieved 2 of the 25 I set for her (seriously, the woman is a scrapping speedster) and Jo is already packed and ready for a weekend of scrapping (I set her 25 as well). Anyway, Emma then asked how many I had created?  To this is answered (none) but! .... I've printed them out, and made a list of them.
Now, when she finally finished laughing ... her response! "Only you, could have throught it out, made a list .. probably 3 lists by now, and not scrapped a thing"

She has a point.  So lets hope by Monday I've at least done one layout or in Emma's words, "Come next Friday, you'll have 7 lists and still not scrapped". Cheek of it.

Have a lovely weekend friends.


  1. Great photos to work with look forward to seeing your 10 layouts :-)

  2. Love those photos! Looking forward to seeing the 10 layouts you make as although you may take a long time to scrap what you produce is always lovely :)

  3. I did chuckle over the lists.
    A lovely selection of photos Sandra so once you get started I'm sure you'll find yourself on a roll.
    Toni xx

  4. 10? Oh my! I'd struggle with that target too. But oh you have made such a pretty list :)

  5. There is no way I could make that number of layouts! I like the way you have printed your pictures in different sizes: plenty of options there

  6. They look like great photos to scrap, how many lists have you got now because I haven't seen any layouts yet :) xx

  7. Cool pics, and I agree with you 10 layouts is a lot if the mojo isn't abundant. Good luck on the challenge.

  8. Well, I was thinking . . . of course you need to make a list first! LOL Looking forward to seeing these ten layouts. (BTW - I count choosing photos as part of the scrapbooking process, so really you've already started!)


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