Monday, 8 February 2016

Week 6 - The week that was .....

Filled with cake!

Yes, that's certainly how the past week feels, and to be honest, this week won't be much different.

It started with a long weekend at the little house, and oh they have the best cake shop there.
One of the reasons we love being at the little house, is people are always popping in. Simon's cousin called in and luckily she loves the bears and is happy for them to play all over her lol
I also made cake this weekend for Emma's birthday celebrations
Simon got me a magazine subscription for Christmas as my first issue arrived. 
Maria called in, and took this photo of the bears on my lap ... I think we need bigger chairs!
And then of course it was the celebrations at the crop for Emma's BIG birthday.  She arranged the food and goodness, what a fabulous job she did of it. It looked beautiful. 

Apparently I can only put up a photo of her, if I don't make her look drunk! ... Well, the only photo I have of that, is when she's not in the shot lol.  So here's the birthday girl herself. 
We're off soon to carry on the celebrations by having afternoon tea at Fortnum and Masons ... so you see now why next weeks post will be lots of cake again. 

Happy week friends. 


  1. Oh my, those cakes look amazing.
    Toni xx

  2. Thats it!!! Im moving closer to you :-) lol xxx

  3. Oh my, what a lovely looking spread of cakes and sandwiches.....cant wait to hear all about F&M's xx

  4. OH how FUN, a week (or two) of cake! :)

  5. What a fun birthday celebration - all that food looked so yummy & you did capture her looking quite cheerful. Happy week ahead.

  6. It looks like you had a lovely week, I'm not sure you had enough cake though! :) x

  7. It looks like you all made sure she had a really special day to remember. How lovely.

  8. What a lovely array of cakes and sandwiches. My favourite kind of food! Have a great week Sandra.

  9. A great catch-up. Your doggie mug is just too cute.


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