Monday, 22 February 2016

Week 8 ... The week that was

Creative! ... yup I had a lovely week filled with creative things, which included a new Cocoa Daisy kit, a new gadget and a little scrapbooking.  Not forgetting some painting.  So here it is, a little snapshot of my week.

 Trying to decide on lighting for the living room. Still no idea
 Trying to decide on colours for the kitchen cabinets .... again, still no idea

Simon got his 1 stone award at slimming world  (I had to steal this photo of his IG account lol).
Yay, my Cocoa Daisy kit never fails to make me happy and I have given in and bought the fuse tool. I'm hoping to be able to change some of my page protectors for project life this year and make my album a little more interesting in sizes
 Always lovely to catch up with my friend, and her two gorgeous little munchkins.
 Finished the trilogy and really enjoyed them.
Spent the weekend at the little house, and Simon tried to do a little sketching ... sadly the bears had other ideas
 I've found that the island in the kitchen is perfect for scrapbooking on. Lovely to spread out.
We had the best breakfast at a new place we found on the island. Seriously the food was so tasty, and it was really busy. He's making quite a name for himself.  Nice to see places like this on the island. 
And finally ... our Sunday looked like this. Bliss

Enjoy your weekend friends.   I apologies if you've not had a visit from me on your blogs this week, for some reason a few blogs seemed to have dropped off my feedly reader and then when I tried to comment, I didn't get the keyboard show up on my iPad.  I really don't know what is happening.  So I've shut it down for a while and hope it comes to its senses.


  1. First time reading your Blog. "All things pretty" is a perfect name. Lovely photos and sweet stories!

  2. Those bears are just so adorable!
    I think we may have nearly all the same F&B sample pots that you do, how can there possibly be so many different 'off white/cream' shades?! We nearly went for Dix Blue on our kitchen walls then had a last minute decision change to Blue Gray, which isn't really blue or grey but has a subtle green tone.

  3. Love your posts x the bears are too cute xx

  4. I NEARLY bought a 'Fuse' when I was in the USA...of course, now I'm wishing I had!!xx

  5. It looks like you had a really lovely week with lots of goodies, I'm so tempted to get another kit but I must be good! Well done to Simon for getting his stone award.....and putting up with you :p xx

  6. Lovely photos Sandra. I need to get some new lights for the lounge but just can't make up my mind.
    Congrats to Simon - fabulous achievement.
    Toni xx

  7. All of the lights look lovely and all of the paint colours look perfect. lol The Feedly thing is annoying. It's been happening to me too. I've tried googling it and basically it looks like feedly knows it happens but aren't trying to fix it. Hope you got my email re the instagram accounts

  8. Looks like a great week. That breakfast place looks like a winner.

  9. What a wonderfully creative and fun week, with a blissful ending!


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