Monday, 1 February 2016

The week that was ...... Week 5

Social, yup that was it for sure.

It started with my usual R&D coffee with Emma on the Monday, and then on Tuesday my lovely friend Ali came over for a tea and chat.

She bought over her journaling bible that she has been doing illustrated faith in for me to see.  Its something that I'm hoping to do this year, and Ali's bible just inspired me more.
Simon had a good week at Slimming World 
I had a lovely lunch with my neighbours.
Then it was more car test driving .... we've decided against this one, as we didn't like it quite as much   as the other we test drove.
The bears had a haircut! Molly hates the groomers, so we were ignored for at least a whole minute on their return lol
Friday evening was spent at our wonderful neighbours home, in celebration of Colins birthday which was on the Wednesday gone, and Simon's birthday, which was the following day.  The food was amazing.  She made a fabulous slimming world curry for the boys (Colin, goes to SW with Simon) and as I don't like too spicy a food, she made a curry just for me.

Saturday it made it a year, that these two came into our lives and turned it upside down and inside out .... I love them, more than I can say.
The birthday boy spent his first birthday at the little house, and back home on the island for must be nearly 30 years.
 And Sunday, its all been about the chilling.
 I hope you all have a lovely week and can you believe its February already.


  1. Don't the bears look smart with their new haircuts? How they've grown in (what seems like a very short) a year. Have a great week Sandra.

  2. Looks a great week you always seem to do lovely things :-) hope your hubby had a great birthday. Your doggies have grown in the year - they are sooo cute xx

  3. Wishing you a lovely week too. I can't believe how much they have grown!

  4. The Bears are so adorable & belated adoption wishes to them & birthday wishes to your husband. Hope it's a great week ahead for you.

  5. That looks like a great week. Glad you had good birthday celebrations for Simon xx

  6. Aww what lovely photos and what a wonderful week you have had xx Happy belated birthday to your lovely Hubby too xx hugs to the Bears xx

  7. Fabulous photos Sandra. Sounds like you & hubby had a super week.
    Toni xx

  8. Lovely pics Sandra......sounds like a lovely week. Hope Simon had a nice birthday x

  9. Their new haircuts look great...where has that year gone!

  10. A year!...who can believe it?! Sounds like a fab weekend xx

  11. That looks like a really lovely week. That is a lovely photo of Simon with you so drunk you're falling of the chair :P I need to come and get a fix of The Bears soon xx

  12. That looked like a splendid week. Hope this week is just as good.


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