Thursday, 28 January 2016

On my Bedside Table

When I set my word this year, I knew GROWTH, had to include reading more.   So I rejoined or should I say reconnected on Goodreads and had a good look around. I've got my eye on a few books I'd like to read, but I thought the best way to get back on track was start with my favourite author, Nora Roberts.

Happy to say, I've already completed one of her books, and am now on the second in the trilogy. 

So here are the books at the moment on my bedside table. 

Other than the Nora Roberts book, I have my gratitude journal; The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo, which I'm still reading, but flicking through at the same time.  I started her method last year and it will be continuing through this year. 

Then there is the book of Calm, was something I picked up at the weekend when I was in Waterstones 

I will say a lot of what drew me to it, was its simplicity ... its not rocket science or anything, but its a reminder of whats really important.  Plus, oh my gosh the photography is beautiful. 

Its even got some pages to colour

The last one is one, Simon got me for my birthday. 

Its got the most gorgeous photos too and with all my home changes I want to make, I'm getting lots of ideas. 

There you have it, a selection of what I'm reading at the moment.  I think I need to order the third book in the trilogy soon, and also visit the library.  Reading is such a simple pleasure, but one that easily gets pushed aside when we're rushing about.  


  1. Lovely selection of books Sandra - enjoy.
    Thank you for your earlier comments on my blog they were very much appreciated.
    Toni xx

  2. Lovely selection I borrowed the design one from the library a little while ago - gorgeous pictures x

  3. A great selection! I like the look of that CALM and will google the tidying methods book.
    I have always been a tidier. It makes me feel calmer to break things up into little habits that prevent huge messes later.
    Now if I could only embrace that theory into my craft room, I would be better off...

  4. Ooh that calm book looks lovely, I may just have to hunt a copy of that down x

  5. Yippee for jumping in to more reading this year! That Calm books look great - so nice and calm just to look at even! And I'm looking forward to seeing some home changes now that you'll be getting lots of INSPIRATION from that new book!

  6. What a fab collection - good to have a lot of variety in your reading pile!

  7. I just made a layout about books by my bedside for the GB blog this month! This is a lovely selection: I especially like the sound of that design one

  8. The calm book looks really interesting. I need to get back into my reading this year too. I seem to have replaced it with you tube scrapping videos!

  9. I can't believe that, after all the moving about you did at home last year, Simon decided to punish himself by getting you that book :) A lovely selection of books there and I love that book of calm xx

  10. Thanks for sharing your books with us - the book of calm looks fab.

    And please it would be lovely to have you on board for Beat the Christmas Rush, my post went live on the blog yesterday and the linky is live till 24th Feb x

  11. What an interesting selection of books. I have gone 'old school Kindle' and am reading physical books at the moment.

  12. Those look like some real gems. I've been getting quite a bit of reading done lately too.


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