Monday, 25 July 2016

Week 30 .... The week that was

Spent mostly at the little house.

We actually started the week at the little house, as we made a long weekend of it.  On the Monday, we had a bookcase delivered from Cotswold Co.  I'm in love with it, and although flat packed, it was really easy to assemble (ok, I was just the assistant, but I did that really well lol).

It was the most amazing weather, and we certainly made use of it, with lots of BBQ's and just watching the world go by.

Other things while back at home in Epsom, included me finding some bargains in the Laura Ashley sale, which are perfect for the Little House; a new cookbook, and as its been very hot, we got the bears a hard shell paddling pool, which Bertie loved.

Then on Friday morning, the bears had a visit to the groomers. They always take after photos of them, and usually its a theme photo ... This months it was a seaside one! ... Couldn't be more perfect.  Doesn't look like Molly was too happy, but my boy loves dress up lol.

It was then back to the little house for the weekend.  Well, you've got to make use of the lovely weather too, haven't we.  Who knows, how long it will last!

The town was all dressed for the holiday makers, and I picked up this lovely lobster print fabric from a new quilting shop, will be perfect for some cushions and maybe some bunting too.

There you have it, all back for a Monday.  Weather is still warm although a little cloudy today, but I am hoping it still stays dry and nice.

Wishing you all a lovely week, I've some creative plans running around in my head, so hopefully I can get a start on them this week.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Showcase your photos

This is a post, I did a while ago for Friends Over the Fence blog, but I thought I'd share it here with you, I hope you don't mind.

How many of us have boxes hidden away with old family photos or draws full of those packets that we used to pick up from the chemist of our developed holiday photos?

Well as a scrapbooker and Project Lifer, I'm always conscious of sharing memories taken by us, but even those, are often put onto layouts and then filed away in albums.

So at the little house, I wanted those memories and especially the ones that were taken and made at the house all those years ago, to be available and accessible to all those that visit.

Firstly we contacted family members and asked if we could scan in old family photos, and then printed them out, and now keep them in this glass bowl on the side.

I can honestly say, everyone that comes to the house loves going through the bowl and reliving those family memories, and so often we find out new stories that we've never heard before. 

I've also asked family members to write down who is in the photo, so that we never forget.  Its a joy spending time rummaging through the bowl and looking back through old photos. 

I've actually decided that I'm going to print out some of Mum and Dad and include them in the bowl, even though they never got to visit the house, I want them to be part of the little house too. 

Monday, 18 July 2016

Week 29 .... The week that was

When summer finally arrived.  Although for how long, is anyones guess, but for now, I'm enjoying it.

Ok, so lets see what week 29 held.

I've been on a mission to clear out my craft room, not completely clear it you understand, that would take more than a year lol.  No, I just need to really take stock of what I have, so I started with fabric and now I've moved onto paper and embellishments.  Which handy for me, Jo has been on a stash ban, and not bought anything all year, so she got a rather large bag of goodies.  Which she came over to pick up and had a Molly cuddle at the same time.

My black eye really mad itself known.  Simon and I attended another Aga cookery demo day, although I think they must have changed it last moment, as it was meant to be summer time menu, instead basically another get to know your aga.  Still, I enjoyed it, and made some easy flat breads when I got home, that they made there.

Also this week, suddenly I heard a loud clatter, and our boiler front fell off! ... All wires too were just hanging.  Luckily Simon managed to fix it.

Maria and I took the bears to the park too, and they absolutely loved it. To be fair, I loved it just as much.

Also this week, we went around to Colin and Maria's for dinner. Oh my goodness it was gorgeous.  Then Saturday morning we packed up and headed for the little house.  The weather here has been glorious and we've had walks along the sea front when it's not been too hot, and we've had our first BBQ here too of the summer. Mind you, the bears are suffering in the heat a bit, but it doesn't stop Molly from grabbing her space on the sun lounger when she can.

We also had a major clear out of the garage.  I had lots and lots of stuff still of mum and dads, so I've sorted through and now have quite a few boxes to take to the charity shop.

There you have it, a lovely week for sure.  This week is starting out perfectly as we're having a long weekend at the little house and the weather is beautiful.

Friday, 15 July 2016

GROWTH .... at 6 months

We're half way through the year and thought I'd do a post on how my One Little Word is going.  I did a post 4 months into my word HERE  and he original can be found HERE
So a quick recap .... For 2016 I picked GROWTH as my one little word and I've broken it down into bite size pieces; G - Gain Knowledge, R - Read, O - Organise, W - Wellbeing, T - Technology, H - Home.

Starting at the beginning ... G - Gain Knowledge, not sure I've done well so far, I did want to learn to crochet, and that still hasn't happened, nor any of my crafting projects really.  I need to work on this a bit more during the rest of the year, I think.

R - Read.  Another, I've not done so well on.  I started the year really well, and then it just fell off and I seemed to stop. I think blog reading and technology got in the way. So, another I need to get back into.

O - Organise.  Now this, I can say is going well.  I've taken so many bags and boxes to the charity shop, I'm surprised I've anything left.  I'm at the moment going through my scrapbooking stash, and already sorted and given a lot away.

W - Wellbeing.  Other than a black eye and a painful shoulder, not a lot happening here either.  The Aga hasn't helped me. I've been baking and cooking so much, so the weight is going on a little.  So I've made a little decision.  I'm going to look into more healthy cooking, but not one that needs lots of fancy ingredients. Something that means anyone can cook a healthy and tasty meal.  It needs some research (good for my Gain Knowledge) but I hope in the next few weeks to bring you some news on this. I won't be starting a new blog, just adding that into this one.

T - Technology.  I've been working on my blog more, and really happy with that. Same with my Instagram account. I just love that, and I've made so many friends.  My blog with Maria, Friends over the Fence, is going really well and I'm so proud of it.  I did think about starting up a new decorating/interior/food blog, but decided against that, and just making this blog all about my life and loves.  I'm also trying to be on Facebook more, again its such a lovely way to connect with friends and family.

H - Home.  Another area that is going well.  I'm over the moon and in love with our Aga, its everything I dreamed and more.  The kitchen is all painted too now, and I can't believe how well its turned out.  My craft room is also 80% finished and organised. So yes, I'm happy with H is coming along.  I had plans for our garden, but summer has been such a wash out so far, so that might be a little longer in the planning stage.  The little house too, is coming along nicely and as we've decided to try and spend more time there this summer, it needs to be turned into more of our home, rather than a weekend retreat.

There you have it, that's how my word is coming along 6 months into the year.  I still need to do a lot of work on it, but so far, I'm happy.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Week 28 .... The week that was


Painful in the way, that poor Simon had to have a tooth removed, and he's still suffering now. I hope it heals soon, he has so much trouble with his teeth, and then I did something very stupid on Sunday, and gave myself a black eye!

The black eye came about while playing in the park with the bears.  Simon and I were throwing a ball back and forth for them, but I had my handbag across my body, and it flew up, and hit me in my face! ... So I have a lovely nice shiny black eye this week.
Also this week, it was the final of the sewing bee, I'm happy that Charlotte won, she was my choice from the first week.  I also gave in, and made an appointment at the doctors about my shoulder, so I have to have an x-ray. We had our first b-b-q of the summer, although it was a little too windy to sit outside, but at least it didn't rain.

Lastly, I attend my local crop and had a really lovely time, I did manage to walk of with something that belonged to Jo, I blame her for spreading over my side of the table lol.  Still, it worked out nicely as she came over on Sunday to pick it up, and had a coffee (and cake) with us.  The bears loved seeing her, and Molly had a cuddle on her lap.

That's about it for the week. I'm having a major clear out of my craft room, so hope to share how its going with you soon.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Week 27 .... The week that was


I've started sorting through my quilting fabrics as I am hoping to join in on a online sew a long for a quilt and want to make some space.  Next, I got a lovely new throw, which was on offer.

Its been a cold week, so much so, that we had the wood burner alight; I made a lemon drizzle cake ...still practicing with my aga.

This week, was also the 100 year anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. I've been watching some very moving and heartbreaking television shows about it.  We really must remember them, and their sacrifices.

Lastly, the weekend got off to a gorgeous start, with lunch at Weathered & Worn.  Then onto the little house, where not only did mum in law come for lunch on Sunday, but there was also a little open day with the RNLI along the sea wall, and a vintage car display. A few "pirates" also came along to make it a fun day out.   Finally home and a chat over the fence with our lovely neighbours, who took these photos of us.  Thanks Maria xxx

The 1st July also marked Mum's 5th year anniversary of her passing. Goodness, it doesn't feel possible. Not a day goes past that I don't miss her like crazy.  I talk about her all the time, and happily that keeps her very much with me.

Ok, friends, I wish you a lovely week.  It seems like the sun may very well show her face this week (fingers crossed)

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Happy Sunday

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday, from the little house.

Tomorrow will come soon enough, but for now, I hope you get a chance to relax and chill xx

Friday, 1 July 2016

Goodbye June .... Hello July

It can't be possible can it? July already, but not that you'd know it from looking out of the window.  I say looking out, as stepping outside actually involves wellies and a rain mac.

Ok, so how was June, other than wet.
Well ... it started off in the most delightful way. Betty Blue was installed, and I've loved cooking with her, and yes, I need to be careful as the weight is going on lol.

I met up with lovely friends for coffee and also at a crop.  We started dog training classes (again) and decided enough is enough. They are who they are, and I've just got to go with the flow. I don't need them to be show dogs, they've got such great personalities, I just need to embrace that.

Emma Bridgewater sale started and I was a bit late looking, by 30 minutes, and most of the bits had sold out, that will teach me.

We attended a cooking demo at the Aga shop, and have one each month I believe until the end of the year, so I'm happy.  I'm also happy that I picked up a new cook book for 1p, no less.  From the Amazon Marketplace.

Of course it was the EU referendum was last month (enough said); and the bears managed to get in some garden time too ... in between rain shower.  And some very very sad news was that Ben, the gorgeous dog that lives opposite us, and was Molly's true love, had to be put to sleep.  It was all very sudden, and he will be missed so much. He really was a gentle giant and loved so much.

There you have it. I'm so hoping July is a sunnier and warmer month, I can't believe we had the log burner alight at the end of June.

Enjoy your weekend friends