Monday, 25 July 2016

Week 30 .... The week that was

Spent mostly at the little house.

We actually started the week at the little house, as we made a long weekend of it.  On the Monday, we had a bookcase delivered from Cotswold Co.  I'm in love with it, and although flat packed, it was really easy to assemble (ok, I was just the assistant, but I did that really well lol).

It was the most amazing weather, and we certainly made use of it, with lots of BBQ's and just watching the world go by.

Other things while back at home in Epsom, included me finding some bargains in the Laura Ashley sale, which are perfect for the Little House; a new cookbook, and as its been very hot, we got the bears a hard shell paddling pool, which Bertie loved.

Then on Friday morning, the bears had a visit to the groomers. They always take after photos of them, and usually its a theme photo ... This months it was a seaside one! ... Couldn't be more perfect.  Doesn't look like Molly was too happy, but my boy loves dress up lol.

It was then back to the little house for the weekend.  Well, you've got to make use of the lovely weather too, haven't we.  Who knows, how long it will last!

The town was all dressed for the holiday makers, and I picked up this lovely lobster print fabric from a new quilting shop, will be perfect for some cushions and maybe some bunting too.

There you have it, all back for a Monday.  Weather is still warm although a little cloudy today, but I am hoping it still stays dry and nice.

Wishing you all a lovely week, I've some creative plans running around in my head, so hopefully I can get a start on them this week.


  1. Everything looks gorgeous xx thanks for sharing xx Your doggies look too cute xx

  2. The Bears are just too cute in their sea side outfits :)

    I like the trim on the bookcase, now I am thinking how I could get the same/similar look on the plain boring straight edged ones I have ... Um I say.

  3. A fun time was had by all !! I've really suffered with the heat this year, but now its cooled off a bit I can enjoy it !!

    hugs Diane xx

  4. Lovely photos Sandra - especially the one of the bears dressed for the seaside.
    Beautiful bookcase.
    Lets hope the weather stays nice a bit longer - I know it has been humid but it is so great not having to worry about jackets/coats when commuting.
    Toni xx

  5. Gotta love a new bookcase!

    It's got to the point here that J now asks me "what did The Bears do today?" and I show him the IG photos..

  6. That sounds like I really lovely week and I bet you were a great assistant :) xx

  7. What a splendid week you have had and I do like the bears in their hats.

  8. Your photo collection is so full of seaside brightness and cheer! Your little bears with their hats made me smile, and your bookcase displays your things so prettily. Not to mention those perfect picnic dishes ... Wishing you a week filled with happy memories!

  9. Your little house looks so charming. Build it yourself furniture is always a challenge, it looks like the two of you conquered it! And the bears look adorable.

  10. love that lobster fabric, i'll be on the look out for some of that now :)
    love your little house too, a sweet dream of mine x


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