Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Week 28 .... The week that was


Painful in the way, that poor Simon had to have a tooth removed, and he's still suffering now. I hope it heals soon, he has so much trouble with his teeth, and then I did something very stupid on Sunday, and gave myself a black eye!

The black eye came about while playing in the park with the bears.  Simon and I were throwing a ball back and forth for them, but I had my handbag across my body, and it flew up, and hit me in my face! ... So I have a lovely nice shiny black eye this week.
Also this week, it was the final of the sewing bee, I'm happy that Charlotte won, she was my choice from the first week.  I also gave in, and made an appointment at the doctors about my shoulder, so I have to have an x-ray. We had our first b-b-q of the summer, although it was a little too windy to sit outside, but at least it didn't rain.

Lastly, I attend my local crop and had a really lovely time, I did manage to walk of with something that belonged to Jo, I blame her for spreading over my side of the table lol.  Still, it worked out nicely as she came over on Sunday to pick it up, and had a coffee (and cake) with us.  The bears loved seeing her, and Molly had a cuddle on her lap.

That's about it for the week. I'm having a major clear out of my craft room, so hope to share how its going with you soon.


  1. Ouch, hope your eye has recovered. Can't wait to see what you are doing in your craft room.

  2. Karen Moss always said that once something ventured across to your side of the table it was officially yours ;-) what a nice excuse for an extra visit to pick it up though, maybe spending time with the Bears was her intention all along!
    Hope the eye and the teeth are soon better.

  3. Lovely shiner Sandra - hope it wasn't too painful. I also hope Simon's tooth pain has now eased.
    Have a lovely week.
    Toni xx

  4. oooh bless that black eye!

  5. OUCH to the black eye & tooth removal. Any time I attended a group crop, the person next to me would spread out her stuff & encroach on my space ... at least at home it is only the fur girls running off with my things. They love the squares you use for sticking down photos.

  6. I hope your eye is getting better. And that tooth (or lack of) too..the aftermath really took me by surprise when I had a tooth out. I had a golf ball shaped lump on the side of my face all week. So he has my sympathy.

  7. I hope your eye is a lot better now x

  8. your week in review posts are great - so interesting!


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