Monday, 18 July 2016

Week 29 .... The week that was

When summer finally arrived.  Although for how long, is anyones guess, but for now, I'm enjoying it.

Ok, so lets see what week 29 held.

I've been on a mission to clear out my craft room, not completely clear it you understand, that would take more than a year lol.  No, I just need to really take stock of what I have, so I started with fabric and now I've moved onto paper and embellishments.  Which handy for me, Jo has been on a stash ban, and not bought anything all year, so she got a rather large bag of goodies.  Which she came over to pick up and had a Molly cuddle at the same time.

My black eye really mad itself known.  Simon and I attended another Aga cookery demo day, although I think they must have changed it last moment, as it was meant to be summer time menu, instead basically another get to know your aga.  Still, I enjoyed it, and made some easy flat breads when I got home, that they made there.

Also this week, suddenly I heard a loud clatter, and our boiler front fell off! ... All wires too were just hanging.  Luckily Simon managed to fix it.

Maria and I took the bears to the park too, and they absolutely loved it. To be fair, I loved it just as much.

Also this week, we went around to Colin and Maria's for dinner. Oh my goodness it was gorgeous.  Then Saturday morning we packed up and headed for the little house.  The weather here has been glorious and we've had walks along the sea front when it's not been too hot, and we've had our first BBQ here too of the summer. Mind you, the bears are suffering in the heat a bit, but it doesn't stop Molly from grabbing her space on the sun lounger when she can.

We also had a major clear out of the garage.  I had lots and lots of stuff still of mum and dads, so I've sorted through and now have quite a few boxes to take to the charity shop.

There you have it, a lovely week for sure.  This week is starting out perfectly as we're having a long weekend at the little house and the weather is beautiful.


  1. Always enjoy the photos of the Bears - but this week's one is just a big smile type of photo. Cooking classes with your husband sounds fun - if Mr Man boils water he thinks he has cooked ... I sometimes clear out my scrapping stuff, but I really just resort it. Hats off to anyone brave enough to actually give it away. (col)

  2. That sounds like a very busy week! I've just been out the garden with Alfie and he just won't sit still so I've had to squirt him with the water mister to cool him down! xx

  3. Lordy did you have a brick in your handbag Sandra !! What a week !! Lucky Jo...

    hugs Diane xx

  4. Super photos Sandra - love the one of Simon getting a bear hug.
    Enjoy the sun whilst it is here.
    Toni xx

  5. Clearing out my scrap stuff is an ongoing effort for me - I have way less than i used to but I'm pretty sure I could donate loads more to my niece!


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