Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Easter Decor

Give me a season, reason or holiday .... and I'll decorate for it.

So I'm in full Easter mode here and luckily its only days before I can eat chocolate again.  So, let me share with you how I've decorated my home.
I got this little "e" last year from Hugs and Hearts and the wreath from Waitrose
I've had my Easter tree, what seems like forever. 
I saw this candle holder decor on Pinterest last year, and decided to give the little idea a go.  The bunnies, I got from Tiger a few years ago.  I've dotted them all around the house.  The little nest the bunny is sitting on, is a mini wreath, which I cut to make it larger.  I think it was initially meant to be a napkin ring.
I seem to have gone a little Rabbit mad, haven't I.  Funny, but this little chap came from Sainsbury's last year, and nothing to do with Easter.  The nest, was a purchase this year, from Marks and Spencer.
I told you the bunnies, were everywhere!  My little salt & pepper pot, is another I've had fore ages.  The White company candle is new, and oh my goodness, if you've not tried a White Company candle, I urge you to.  They smell amazing, and last for ages, such great value.  Yes, they're a little expensive, but so worth it. 
Finally, my little wreath; I think this came from a garden centre a few years ago, and it will make it to my door on Good Friday for the Easter Holiday, but for now, its making me smile every evening.

There you have it friends, my Easter decor, this year.

Something that is defiantly new this year, is this gorgeous Easter Egg, and box of chocolates that Simon came home with yesterday.  Oh I know, I'm spoilt and these are my absolute favourite chocolates.  Happy Me, for sure.



  1. I love all your Easter decor...and what you're doing to the little house!! xx

  2. So pretty and well done for giving up chocolate for Lent xx

  3. Love all your Easter d├ęcor - so pretty.
    Toni xx

  4. It all looks so lovely and fresh, have a great Easter and savour every mouthful of chocolate :) x

  5. It's so so pretty Sandra. You're inspiring me! It's not too late to do a few little things now, is it? And that egg..oh.yum. Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend.


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