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Week 8

Monday, 27 February 2017
Week 8, saw us starting making the changes needed to put the house on the market in May.   So I emptied the utility room, ready for painting.  Simon has now taken down the shelving, so I can start painting.  It also means that I did more trips to the charity shop. 
It was also a lovely social week; were not only did Maria pop in for a coffee, but I also went out with a couple of other neighbours, Brenda and Moira; and then grabbed a quick coffee with Jo, before the hairdressers. 

This week, we had a visit by storm Doris, we got off lightly, as she only took out most of the glass from the greenhouse with her but its all fixable. 

I also had a visit to the hairdressers, actually I had two visits. The first one, was to have my colour redone, only I came out rather blonde! its so unlike me to actually complain, but I honestly didn't think I could live with it, so the following day, they managed to tone it down a bit.  

Finally on Sunday, Simon and I took a little trip around Kingston, where we had breakfast out, and then such a happy surprise to find they've opened up a Kikki K shop there.  Of course, I had to buy this candle with my 2017 word on it. 

Lots of plans again this week, although no coffees (other than my normal R&D with Emma), but I want to crack on with house plans, and also get some work done on blogging, and blog reading.  

Have a lovely week friends. 

Week 7

Monday, 20 February 2017
Week 7 was Valentines week and Simon got me some lovely chocolates and a Master Plan notebook! Couldn't be more perfect for me. 

I also started boxing up some bits; I need to change my craft room back to a bedroom. So I'm moving bits over to the little house slowly. 

Simon had a couple of appointments this week. On Valentines day, he had an appointment for his feet. He's in a lot of pain, and they don't really want to operate, so they are fitting him with richi braces, and he had to go and get his feet and ankles moulded for them.  On Friday, he had a 2 hour dental appointment. Poor chap, he's certainly going through it all.  It will be so much better when he can retire, and not walk around from meeting to meeting in London. 

We spent the weekend at the little house where we met some people to get the ball rolling.  First was the Aga people, of course we've got to take Betty with us.  So she'll be going at the end of the kitchen counter.  We also then had a landscape gardener visit to quote for some ideas we have.  

I'll be back with a post on our garden design soon. 
Have a lovely week dear friends.

Week 6

Monday, 13 February 2017
Thank you all for your kind comments on my last post (well, apart from Jo's lol), its all very exciting and scary at the same time.

Ok, so week 6 was just wonderfully social and I think I must have been enjoying myself so much, I actually forgot to get photos of them, but I got to spend time with a few of the lovely ladies that live in my road. I will certainly miss them, but I had a coffee with Moira, Debbie popped in for a cup of tea and Maria came over for some cuddles with the bears and a cup of coffee or two.

I also met up with a lovely friend that I first met on a quilting course many years ago; we then connected again through IG and this week met at Gorgeous Gerties in working for a coffee, cake and long chat. It was lovely.

We also went out for a curry with Colin & Maria on Saturday night ... so you can see why I say it was social.
Also this week, Simon surprised me with this gorgeous little wooden terrier for my collection.

Also we started to sort through our loft. Goodness, I'm a hoarder!  I found all my old baby clothes, my tiny tears dolls, and every card that Simon and I ever sent each other.  Also was my old scrapbooks of interiors that I'd cut out and keep, dating back to the late 80's.

We just won't have the space and I think even if we did, I really need to let go of some things; not everything, but those memories don't diminish just because I don't have the actual item (seriously, I'll be just fine without my tiny tears doll) lol.   I'll never live a minimal lifestyle, but at the same time, I don't want to have things in boxes which I'll never never look at.

I need to do some more serious sorting and charity shop drops this week, wish me luck.

Week 5

Friday, 10 February 2017
I know this post is so late, but goodness, its been one of those weeks.

Well, week 5!!! it sure was a big week for us.
So here's the run down. 

It started of in a fabulous way .... it was Simon's birthday and yes, that is him with his birthday present! A Lego Wall-e, and he loves it. Like any kid, its kept him quiet for ages.  We celebrated it at the little house and had a lovely day out in Faversham. 

We came home, to a couple of parcels; first was a new lead for Molly. I actually won it on an Instagram competition. Next, was a new cushion from Plum & Ashby, with the perfect name of Bertie. 

Also this week, the bears had a trip to the groomers, and I attended an embroidery class ... and had a blast. 

Now, for the most important news of the week, and one that's both got me super super excited, and terrified at the same time. 

We're moving! Yup, we've decided to sell our home and move full time to the Little House.  Also, and this is huge ... Simon is taking early retirement, although this will take pretty much most of the year to actually happen.  We had meetings with Estate Agents and our financial advisor, and this seems like the perfect time, for a fresh start.  So over the next few months, we'll be busy, getting our home ready to put on the market.  Apparently May is a good month, so we're aiming for that. We also need to put some work into the little house as although its lovely, its been a holiday home, and we need to do some renovations to make it our main home.   Of course, I'll be sharing this journey with you all. 

So there you have it! As you see, week 5 certainly was an eventful week. 


Thursday, 2 February 2017
Last year I wrote some posts on Hygge, and how I wanted to try and bring into into our lives more, you can read the old posts HERE but for 2017, we have a new Scandi buzzword - Lagom.

Hygge is more "here and now", in the moment, if you like.  Candles, hot chocolate and cosy socks. I know, thats a very basic explanation and of course there is a lot lot more to it. So much so, I'm still embracing Hygge this year. I even thought about using it as my 2017 word.

Now sadly Lagom, is not quite as cosy as sitting in front of a fire and eating as much chocolate as you can, but its something that I think we can all get behind.
Its all about making simple changes in your everyday life - be kinder, think about our food, and eat foods in season.  Think more about of your spending habits, picking up reusable items and reducing food waste etc.,  So not just easier to pronounce but Lagom, is more about a sustainable way of living; achieving a good work/life balance.  Its not about denying yourself things, not at all, but buying better if you like.  Quality over rubbish, being kinder to yourself and those around you.

IKEA  are running "Live Lagom project, click the link and you'll be about to read more about it, but its helping you to save money on bills etc., anything from LED lightbulbs to recycling bins.

I think both Hygge and Lagom go hand in hand really, and I for one, can get behind it.