Monday, 27 February 2017

Week 8

Week 8, saw us starting making the changes needed to put the house on the market in May.   So I emptied the utility room, ready for painting.  Simon has now taken down the shelving, so I can start painting.  It also means that I did more trips to the charity shop. 
It was also a lovely social week; were not only did Maria pop in for a coffee, but I also went out with a couple of other neighbours, Brenda and Moira; and then grabbed a quick coffee with Jo, before the hairdressers. 

This week, we had a visit by storm Doris, we got off lightly, as she only took out most of the glass from the greenhouse with her but its all fixable. 

I also had a visit to the hairdressers, actually I had two visits. The first one, was to have my colour redone, only I came out rather blonde! its so unlike me to actually complain, but I honestly didn't think I could live with it, so the following day, they managed to tone it down a bit.  

Finally on Sunday, Simon and I took a little trip around Kingston, where we had breakfast out, and then such a happy surprise to find they've opened up a Kikki K shop there.  Of course, I had to buy this candle with my 2017 word on it. 

Lots of plans again this week, although no coffees (other than my normal R&D with Emma), but I want to crack on with house plans, and also get some work done on blogging, and blog reading.  

Have a lovely week friends. 


  1. The Bears do look quite cozy in from of Blue Betty.

    Happy week ahead.

  2. The fire in the lounge looks all snug & cosy.
    Have a super week.
    Toni xx

  3. Have a lovely week. The bears sure know how to live.

  4. Aww the Bears look so cute and that breakfast looks amazing!


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