Monday, 31 October 2016

Week 44

What a lovely week it was.  The weather has certainly been glorious, the type where its bright during the day, and cosy in the evening.  Just right for this time of the year.  So here are a few highlights
I've been practicing some of my cake baking, as I really need to get my Christmas cake done, so I've enough time to feed it.  Anyhow, I tried my usual marzipan one, and wasn't too happy with it. I then tried a banana tea bread cake, and wow, if I do say so myself, it was gorgeous.  

I also finally got the courage to light my Jo Malone candle, love it!  A real highlight was the final of the Great British Bake Off.  I've absolutely loved the show, and although Candice wasn't my choice to win at the start, she was certainly a worthy winner.  

Also this week, we had over a ton and a half of logs delivered, bring on Winter; and also I had my hair cut and coloured again.  

Now for a really big highlight.... I've been walking the cutie in the big picture each day.  He belongs to a friend of mine, who was on holiday, and although he's wasn't alone during the day as someone stays in their home, I'm walking him for her.  Its certainly a change walking a bigger dog, but oh he is adorable.  Mr Waggy tail for sure.

Next came something I've really been looking forward too.  Twice a year, there is a Terrier meet up at Brighton.  Mainly, its Fox Terriers, but over the past few years, its been opened up to other Terriers, so off we went with the bears. 
As you can see .... we had ourselves a little Lakie party.  With over 100 dogs altogether, we had 10 Ladies this time (only 7 here).

We really had the most amazing time. Looking forward to the April one already.
I hope you all remembered to change your clocks. Its so dark already, mind you can't complain as the weather today has been so warm and sunny; a perfect dog walking day.

I've my fruit soaking in Sherry ready for my Christmas cake.  I'm trying a new recipe, its a Mary Berry one, and its got to be soaked for 3 days ... I'm looking forward to baking it.  Star Baker! Maybe not lol.

Have a great week all

Monday, 24 October 2016

Week 43

Ok, someone stop the weeks from rushing by! ... Goodness, how can I be showing you week 43 already.
So here are the highlights. I've managed to get my first set of Christmas catalogs, which means countdown can really start.  It also means I better get a handle on my Christmas baking, so this week I've been practicing.  

I also met a good friend for a coffee in a local garden centre.  Also this week a Facebook group I belong too, said that TK Maxx were selling Sophie Allport Aga hob covers, I managed to get one, so the hunt begins for a second.  

My highlight though was that Simon treated me to my very first Jo Malone candle. I'm over the moon, as I've always wanted one.  I've just got to get my nerve up to burn it lol. 

A lazy week for me, this coming week, so hoping to work on my blog while more baking.  

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

#Little House Happiness

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know, I have a hashtag, which I use when I post any photo from the little house, its #littlehousehappiness .... it sums up how I feel when I'm there, but it also sums up how I feel about my home in general.  Sometimes, because I call it "little house" I think it sounds like our main home must be some sort of mansion, it's really not lol, we live in a typical 3 bedroom semi detached house in suburbia.

For as long as I can remember though, I've loved looking at wallpaper samples, cushions and soft furnishings.  Even before I had a home of my own, I remember decorating my bedroom with Laura Ashley wallpaper in my parents home and when I think back, I can still see the the beautiful blue print.  For my 21st, while many young women may have asked for designer clothes or a car; I asked for wardrobes.  So as can you see, anything home related, really is my passion.

We've recently been rejuvenating our home, and I'm going to take this opportunity to share it with you more, through my blog.  How I'm achieving my dream home, will be through upcycling and careful shopping and this too, is a journey I'll share with you.  
I'm looking for cost effect design solutions and I'll share how I display and learn to re-style my decor.

Please don't think it will be only interiors, I'll still be sharing my week that was, and of course, you'll still find crafting, and project life.  I'm going even try sharing my learning curve of the Aga and recipes with you.  That just leaves me to do some "tinkering" with my blog layout, but of course, that's half the fun, isn't it, and also a possible name change.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Week 42

Was one of the those weeks, when you have so much planned and don't quite know where to start.  The house was in a real pickle after my painting at the weekend, so first thing first was to get it put back in place.  Happily to say, that I'm getting there.  The only room left to sort out, is the back bedroom. 

So here's a quick update.  It was the 5 year anniversary of Dad's passing on Wednesday.  This year for some reason, I've been finding it really hard being without them.  On our usual Monday R&D', Emma gave me an African Violet, as it was Mum's favourite (there may have been tears), but it honestly means so much to me to have friends like her in my life. 
Laura Ashley delivered a gorgeous armoire that I got in their sale. Oh I love it, and I've spent many a happy hour faffing with china in it.

We also attended an Aga demonstration on spicy foods, not bad, and one of the recipes I tried on Friday, when Colin and Maria came over for dinner.
The bears had a visit to the groomers. They get so so scared, so I really need to groom them more at home.

We then went to the little house on Saturday morning. I had to return a library book, and the weather was lovely, and we had the most amazing sunrise, on the Sunday.

First fire too of the winter at the little house, and then came home on Sunday, and had one here.

There you have it ... another week done and closer to Christmas.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Week 41

What a lovely week it was ... I got to spend lots of time with friends.  So here's a round up.
Firstly, I had my usual R&D with Emma ... I've worked it out, that we've been meeting at the same place, same time, same day ... pretty much the same cake lol ... for nearly 10 years.  How scary is that.  

I also called into see the ever decreasing Jo, at her office.  I'm totally in awe of how well she's been doing at slimming world.   I also got to spend time with Maria, when we walked the bears in a local park. Such a lovely lovely day.

This week I also started changing over my home decor to autumn/winter. I do so love this season.

I've also got my paint brush out again! ... Actually, I don't think I've put it away since painting the kitchen.  First up, was a little unit I found in the charity shop, while dropping off another box of declutting haul.  I really do need to drop and run lol.  Anyway, this unit was to house my mugs (I'll share a finished picture in another post).  Simon also did a little IKEA hack for me, on our floating shelves.  All of which I know love.

Next up was a trip to London for me.

My first point of call was Fortnum and Mason where I met Simon. Oh I love that shop so much.  They even had their Christmas shop out, and I may have bought a little something.  Next I had my first Pumpkin Latte of the season and then a little trip to Anthropologie (again, a favourite shop).

Next was on to meet up with my lovely friend Carol.  I met her first nearly 2 years ago! ... Yes, she was the lady we got the bears from.  Honestly, I'm so lucky that I still get to see her as we get on so so well.  She took me to Cabages & Roses, a shop I've been dying to see. It was lovely, but I was a little sad as I had expected more house wears, and apparently they've stopped stocking them now, as John Lewis does that.  Still, I had a lovely lovely day.

There you have it, my weekly roundup.  This week, is already looking good, and lots of lovely things are being planned.


Thursday, 6 October 2016

Goodbye September ... Hello October

I'm always a little sad to say goodbye to September. I mean, after all it is my birthday month lol, but it's made a lot easier though as I do love Autumn.

So here are my highlights from last month.
I met up with lots of lovely lovely friends and even chatted with them on FaceTime.  We spent time at the little house and watched the demolition of the largest chimney in the UK come down.  Lots of decorating was done, and the weather was amazingly hot for September.  We sadly lost our last fish; and strictly came back on tv.  The Lord Mayors banquet was lovely and we're back to having hospital appointments for Simon, as his feet are really playing him up.

Another month closer to Christmas and I'm getting so excited. I may have started a little shopping already.  Lets hope October is as kind to us as September was. 

Monday, 3 October 2016

Week 40 .... The week that was

A week of firsts.

First fire of the winter, and my first new £5 note.
A few new things made it into our home too this week.  A new washable mat! ... Yes, the word "washable" is very important in my life these days lol.   Also, next new thing was Simon's latest toy! ... Yes, he should be renamed, "Gadget Boy" ... as honestly, he's obsessed.  Anyway, his latest toy is the Amazon Alexa.  I must admit, I'm enjoying it playing different Prime music and also keeping track of my shopping list, but it is getting on my nerves when Simon keeps asking it for a new joke lol.

Also this week, I met up with my cousins in Kingston for breakfast and to celebrate one of their birthdays, and lastly, Simon had a hospital appointment about his feet.  Sadly, he's really suffering, so we're back having appointments, and looking at new ways to help him. I may be that an operation is closer than we had hoped for, but I think the hospital want to try some different routes first.

There you have it, my week.  I'm enjoying the change in season, and feeling all cosy at home, I think some autumn home decorations may need to come out this week xx