Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Week 14 ... The week that was

When we finally got started.  Started with our home renovations, that is.

Simon was off this week too, and although at the start of it, still not feeling great, we managed to get some things done.
The chocolates from Easter are amazing, and I've got a plan for the pretty lid.
Clever Sian, noticed the other day, that my dolls house is finally out of the box. Well we did a dry fit, and now I just need to prime it, ready for painting and lighting. I'll be back with posts about it.
I've been feeling a little lost, style wise. So I bought a few new bits in Kingston the other day. In shops I'd never normally shop in too.
We took the doors off the top cabinet to start painting. We are having to do it bit by bit, and out of the way of puppy teeth.
We took the bears to the park and they've been having such a lovely time playing.  We don't actually let them off the lead as such, as their recall is still non existent. But we drop the long line training leads, and they've loved it.  Molly always gets herself completely messy. She's a real tom boy
Our dining room has become our painting workroom

Yay. First time this spring, I've actually been out of boots and my heavy coat.
Loving how its starting to look.
Saturday night saw us going next door for dinner.  We are so incredibly lucky to have such good friends as neighbours. The table setting was beautiful as was the food.

Sorry this blog post has been a bit late in going up, painting has taken over my life.

Have a lovely week friends.


  1. I think you always look beautifully turned out. But I know what you mean: I never imagined feeling this way about clothes when I was younger. I've always loved clothes but now I feel half the time that nothing ever looks the way I imagine it will

    So excited about the dolls house! Though if I bring mine out to play too I'll never get anything done round here!

  2. Love the photos Sandra - the painting is coming along.
    I can imagine the difficulties of keeping things out of 'bear reach' LOL
    Toni xx

  3. Love all your pics, your house is gorgeous....as you are you! x

  4. I like the idea of a doll house - that would be SO fun. You look lovely & like Sian I do get what you mean. My feeling out of style step came from always taking one of my older sister's closet clearings - our age style are miles apart. I have only recently stopped but have no idea where to start building my own style. Your neighbours did such a lovely job of setting the table.

  5. Loving the new look, especially that skirt. Very stylish. Like Sian, I always think you are perfectly turned out. No mean feat with those bears around, I'm sure!

  6. The kitchen will look amazing when it's done. It looks like you had a really busy week xx

  7. Lots of stylish snaps for us to enjoy there. Good luck with the work, the dollhouse looks fun.

  8. Yeah for getting started on the renovations! Isn't it FUN?

  9. I love that stylish table decor.

  10. Hi Sandra, the kitchen cupboards are starting to look fab, isn't nice to be able to go out without socks and boots on, i love the changing of the seasons. Have fun with the bears. Love Sally xx


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