Monday, 26 October 2015

Me on a Monday

What a lovely autumn we're having ... I can't quite believe its November at the end of this week. 

So today finds me doing something that combines two of the things that I absolutely adore ... yup, Christmas and baking. 

I've been soaking the fruit overnight and will be putting the rest together shortly. 
Its been a wonderful weekend. Simon came home on Friday with flowers and chocolates for me, and two new toys for certain pair of bears. I know, noisy, but it didn't last that long ... within the hour, both balls had been well and truly chewed and in bits, so into the bin. But they had so much fun. 

 Then over the weekend we went to a Terrier walk in Brighton and had the most amazing time. 99 dogs in total and 9 of those were Lakelands. So we had a little Lakie party on the beach.
It was then a charge back home, as we had an evening wedding reception to attend. 

Yesterday, was a chilling and comfort food sort of day. 

Ok, better get working on putting the cake together ... hope you all have a lovely week, and once again, waving a big thank you to the lovely Sian for this great blogging idea. 


  1. I bet that smells wonderful. I'm not a lover of fruit cake so rely on an offcut from MIL to satisfy my husband. What fun that must have been with all those doggy friends for the bears. Have a great week Sandra x

  2. Bet that was a great sight to see - all the dogs. Hope my mil has got the christmas cakes started ;-) Have a great week xx

  3. you've reminded me I must start mine soon!

  4. So funny! It's just like when my sister used to bring the kids here the noisiest toys she could find and we'd sit and wait to see how long it was before they wore out.

    I love that Delia book. It's still the one I turn to too very year.

    Have a great week Sandra

  5. That was a lot of dogs in one spot & all so darn cute! Your Christmas cake looks scummy. The cover on your cookbook looks so festive. I have a couple favourite Christmas cookbooks. I don't make my Christmas cake and/or pudding until Stir Up Sunday - November 22nd this year. It was a tradition that my Grandmother brought from Wales & instilled in my Mother & all of us girls; I continue to do on this date so as to keep myself close my Grandmother. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

  6. Looks like you AND the bears had a wonderful weekend. My mother makes my Christmas cake - and it is wonderful. And all the better because I don't have to put any effort into it! Have a good week x

  7. You are ahead of me. I must get on with mine. I have already made a large fruit cake for a two big birthdays but I know another one will be expected for Christmas. Love your bears!

  8. What a lovely day out with the bears.
    I have that cookbook but have never tried the cake recipe.
    Have a super week.
    Toni xx

  9. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend, the Bears look so cute with their new toys and I bet they loved making lots of new friends x

  10. What a great post on two favorites - food and furry ones!!

  11. Love the thought of all those dogs together.

  12. Sorry it's so late! That walk looked like fun and your weekend was a good mix of all the things I love - baking, comfort food, fresh air and a night out :)

  13. Looks like y'all are staying busy! I prepped some cookie dough that can be frozen in balls all ready for Christmas, so I guess that means I've got a little start on the holidays, too! Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


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