Friday, 23 October 2015

Project Life ... January!

To say I'm behind, would be the understate of the year.

I was doing well until the bears arrived, and then it all stopped.  So a few weeks months ago, I gave myself a talking to, and picked up my album again.  I first, decided to print out all the photos I'd need and put them, without embellishing or cards, into the pockets.  I then promptly didn't do anything else!

So after another talking to; I have decided to work backwards and catch up at the same time, otherwise come 2016 I'll still be so behind.

Also while writing this post, I've realised that the only PL pages I've shared on here this year, was week one! ... ok, I'm slow and behind on PL, but I promise I have done more than that (not a lot, but more)

I'm hoping to be able to show you more recent weeks and also my catch up pages, but this might not always be the case. Anyway, here goes;  First up, January

I was incredibly lucky, that I actually got to visit the bears each week, before they came home.  So, that's what was happening most of the month; also, in week 2 we joined slimming world and I started my clear out plan (hence the full fire of receipts).

Week 3 saw more puppy visiting, puppy proofing and also checking out a class for them.  I also painted our fireplace ... by the way, of all the chalk paints I've used, Ronseal was the one I least liked.

Week 4 .. we actually had a burns night dinner to attend. It was magical for sure. This time we also took a quick trip to puppy proof the little house, and also we had to have some damp fixed.

Week 5 it all happened!.... yup, the bears came home.  This of course meant a double page spread, and also a half page, as I wanted to include a card, tags from Maria, and also some bigger pictures.

Goodness, I've forgotten how tiny they were.

Ok, more up to date.
The week saw another hospital visit, summer clothes going away, the first fire of the year. Rain wear for all of us and I finally got my engagement ring repaired.

I'll hope to show you February next time, and again, some more recent weeks.


  1. The good thing about not working as you're living that you get to relive and remember as you make your catch up pages. And how great is it to be able to do that? It's sort of double remembering

  2. Thanks for sharing x (and thanks for your visit and kind words on my blog :-) xx

  3. Aww I forgot how small the Bears were! Xx

  4. Your pages look lovely but I can't believe how long ago you got The Bears, it seems like only yesterday that you went to pick them up! xx

  5. Super pages Sandra and what a difference between the bears then & now.
    Toni xx

  6. I agree with Sian, it's fun to relive the experiences a few weeks (or months!) later.


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