Crop Day

Tuesday, 14 October 2014
Now, as many of you know, I'm not the most productive at crops! ... well, there is a Starbucks not 3 minutes walk away. So what do you expect from me lol.

But this past Saturday at the crop, well I was a woman on a mission.  I sat next to the lovely Jo, who normally (and yes, she'll moan about this) chats just as much as me. But this Saturday, she had her head down and was working on catching up on her Project Life.  I was also sitting a bit further away from Emma, who normally ALWAYS distracts me lol.  So what's a girl to do (once she's got her Caramel Macchiato) Well, she scraps, that's what.

So here are the 2 layouts I actually completed at the crop. Now, I know to some of you that go to crops and do 5 or 6 a day, it doesn't seem a lot, but for someone that has in the past been known just to paint her nails at a crop, this is a big achievement.

And then, to top it off ... I was feeling super creative. I actually came home and started work on another layout.  Just a few finishing touches to put to that, and I'll share that later.

This first layout came about, when my friend Susan found a photo of us at her 21st, and its about how good a friend she is to me, and then us at her 50th.

This second layout is something I've been meaning to do for ages. I see lots of these grid type layouts on Pinterest, and all using frames. So I printed out our day at a Vintage Car Boot fair at South Bank in small photos and came up with this. 

After all this, I was feeling super creative, so I actually came home and started work on another layout.  Just a few finishing touches to put to that, and I'll share that later.

So, there you have it! .... I do actually scrapbook.


  1. First of all, I love that page with you and your friend. My friend and I were out for the day last week, talking about what we'd done when we were 21 and how we'd celebrated our 40th's together and what we would do for 50.

    Second, it's great to hear that Jo is still Project Life-ing. I miss her blog posts. Tell her hello from me :)

  2. I can never get ONE lo done...let alone two Sandra !! Congrats on that sweetie !! But cropping is all about having fun, chatting, eating, drinking tea and being creative.....:) And wow you have been creative, two fab lo's !!

    hugs Diane xx

  3. You know where to sit at the next one! Especially love the second layout :)
    I have been known to sit and drink a bottle of wine - well it was my birthday!

  4. Love the layouts....particularly the 'then and now'.....I always enjoy seeing that type of layout.

  5. I can relate to not getting much done at crops. When I have my one it starts at 10 and sometimes I still haven't even cut a piece of paper by 12. Love your frames layout.

  6. I do love the second one with all the little frames...I SO. Need to get back to PL AND SCRAPBOOKING,!
    Alison xx

  7. Well done Sandra - two lovely LOs
    Toni xx

  8. Both of these are fantastic Sandra! And how FUN to crop with friends AND be productive! I like how you used the doily on that first layout & the frames on that second one work perfectly to document your day.

  9. Two lovely layouts - I especially love the second one.

    Thank goodness our crop is in the middle of nowhere, I know that myself and at least one other attendee that would be popping out all the time to Starbucks LOL!! Two to three is my average at a crop as I do way too much talking and getting distracted by others work :D

  10. Yay for productivity! How brilliant to have those two photos of you and your friend.

  11. Great pages, I really like the frame one - so I pinned it!

  12. Great layouts and I really like the second one with the frames :)

  13. Hi Sandra! Thanks so much for your comments on my posts this weekend - now it's your turn! Check out how I lifted your Then & Now layout - 0n my blog now: Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Hw can you say I chat as much as you when you never let me get a word in?!?! Gorgeous layouts xx


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