Me on a Monday

Monday, 18 August 2014
Well actually, yesterday to be fair.

Today's photo of me wouldn't be a happy one for sure. I've just got back from the dentist ... so have a numb and lopsided face.  The problem is, I'm not good at the dentist (touch wood), I hardly ever have to have anything done, but when its done its a drama!  So the root work I'm having done at the moment has to be done in stages (again, only because I'm a total girl at the dentist and freak out).

Anyway, my photo is from yesterday, when I tried out the cooker at the little house for the first time with baking.  Going to take me a while I think, I'm not used to having a neff oven, and only one oven at that. Got to get my head around it either heating at the top, or the bottom, or something else it does, which is very fancy. Either way, I'm not complaining, I do love it, and I always feel like I'm in the Bake off, as its the oven they have on the show, where the door slides inside on itself .... so cool :)

Enjoy your week dear friends, and I think I'm going to make myself a coffee now, and go and sit up in my craft room for a little while.

Postcard Love

Wednesday, 6 August 2014
How does she do it? .... Tell me? How does the lovely Sian come up with such great ideas? (wouldn't you just like to get inside her head and borrow some of that creativity lol)

I was lucky to get into the latest brain wave of sending and receiving postcards. I know a few weren't so lucky and missed out, so I'm counting my blessings on this one.

Well here they are; my lovely postcards from the Its a Pile of Postcards Exchange (I giggle every time I see the hash tag on instagram)
I love them all, and yes, they're going into my project life album for sure ... with they're own spread. What fun it was to receive them, and even one sent from the lovely Ruth, while she was actually on holiday! 

Thank you again Sian, for such a fun idea. I'm hoping to try and find all those that sent them to me, and make sure I read their blogs, and thank them.

Goodbye July

Monday, 4 August 2014
What a busy month July was, one of real lows and happy highs, and when I look back it all seemed to happen so quickly.

It started with the 3 year anniversary of losing Mum, a lot of sewing was done this month ... from the little house being a building site, to us moving back in. Simon's Mum spent a weekend with us in Epsom, we also attended the Farnborough Air Show; lots of furniture up-cycling and our 26th wedding anniversary ... yup, July you were full speed ahead. Please August, be just a tad slower.

Have a great week friends.