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Smashing Sunday

Sunday, 23 June 2013
I hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far, sadly our weather certainly hasn't been playing nicely.  Goodness, I'm freezing, I can't believe that we had the wood burner alight yesterday evening, and I think its heading the same way tonight.

Anyhow enough moaning, instead I'd like to share with your a couple of lovely things that I've won over on blogs recently.  Honestly, when I've seen my name come up, I've been so excited you may well have heard me :)

Firstly, just look at this amazing book I that I received from Jo from Curly Scrapbooker

I can't wait to have a good read of it, I think it's just what I need.

Then just the other day, these lovely goodies came from Becky, over at Becky's Scrapbook Burblings, for me. 

Thank you guys so much xxx

Ok, I did say that I'd share with you, my smash book playing.  I recently bought a Prima mixed media doll stamp, and together with some Promarkers, this is the outcome.  I've been busy checking out Pinterest for inspiration with tags etc., so hopefully more to follow.

And lastly .... on this rather chilly Sunday, here's to the weather improving next week.  Not just for the start of Wimbledon, but also because we have new garden furniture being delivered tomorrow - as due to the high winds of recent days, it bought down our garden parasol smashing our glass table and breaking part of our decking.

So enough is enough ... are you listening weather! ... Summer needs to start tomorrow! .. There, I'm putting my foot down.

Project Life Update

Tuesday, 18 June 2013
I'm a bit behind, but getting there; actually same can be said of my blog reading ... but again, I'll get there.

I know I've said before that I was reading Julie Kirks blogging series, well, I've found it to be so interesting, its really given me a new passion for blogging; and one of the things she mentioned was having a regular series on certain topics.  Also on several blogs; I've noticed they have a day for uploading Project Life pages; Abi's blog (Creating Paper Dreams) is another that uploads her pages on a regular basis - so with that in mind I think I'll do the same. As yet, I'm not sure which day I'll do this on, but Tuesday's seem like as good as any other, wouldn't you say.

Weeks 20 and 21 are made using my June Counterfeit kit ... which I'm really enjoying.  I may well use it to get up to date and throughout June, as they're full of colours I just love.

So there you have it, a little glimpse into my plans to blog more often - I also have a blog post ready to go in a couple of days. What has come over me lol.

May Sketch Challenge

Thursday, 13 June 2013
Over on UKS, I belong to a sketch group in which each month one of the team put up a sketch and at the end of the month we then upload our take on it.  Well I've been quite good recently at doing the sketch at the beginning of the month and then sitting back and waiting (actually its been more like gloating lol) .

Only this past month, I did just that ... and then forgot about uploading it when the time came.  Still, luckily I had it photographed and ready to go. So here it is to share; this is the sketch Jess put up

and here is my take on it
I just adore snuggle time with my boy, he's such a loving dog and I'm so grateful that he easily fitted into our life. I suppose it's lucky that he saw me everyday and I used to walk him for Mum & Dad anyway. I often wonder if he think what happened to mum & dad, and why is he now living with us.  Still, he's such a happy dog - our friends say he won the dog lotto twice in his life :)
I've also been slowly catching up with project life, and I think at the moment I'm only 2 weeks behind.  So I'll be back soon to share with you my progress.

Junes Bumper Counterfeit Kit

Wednesday, 5 June 2013
Well, ok I have gone just a tad overboard with this months kit.  I can honestly say I fell in love with the Destination Unknown kit ... it was all those lovely summery colours that just called out to me.  So once I started adding, well lets just say I couldn't stop.

Here is the original kit from Scraptastic and the add-on kit. I just love the speech bubbles and cut up cards .. plus the flair badges and little embellishments all just screamed project life to me, so I think that's what really made up my mind ... and of course pink and aqua is always a firm favourite colour choice

 And well ... eerrr, heres mine.  All the papers first ... I've used a lot of half sheets that have previously been cut up and a few 6 x 6 pads too.

Then here's it is with the sticker sheets and alphabets

And finally embellishments

I can almost here you shouting ... "has she gone mad" lol.  I know, I know ...but in my defense, we are going to spend a few days at the little house this month, and I have a crop to attend (2 actually) and this is all I'll be taking with me to those things ... well, maybe just a few more things lol.  Plus ... I need to catch up with project life, and this with all it's cut up cards will be just perfect.  Well, that's my excuse anyway, and I'm sticking to it.

So looking forward to playing with this little lot just to bag it up really.

Counterfeiting with May's kit

Tuesday, 4 June 2013
May was the first month of taking part in with the counterfeit kit challenge blog; I know there is no wrong or right when you're joining in with these sort of things - but maybe because I was a "newbie" at it, I wanted more structure. I think next time I join in, I'll be a little bit more relaxed about it and not worry too much, about adding things onto projects that weren't in my kit.

Anyway, I've had a blast, here are some more things I've made using the May kit;

First another layout ... that's 3 layouts from the kit.

Then a card for a friend, who's birthday I forgot
and lastly a project life layout

ok, onto putting June's kit together.  I've decided I'm going to break up May's kit and put it all back in my stash.
Thank you Counterfeit Kit challenge blog, I've had a blast.