Sunday, 23 June 2013

Smashing Sunday

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far, sadly our weather certainly hasn't been playing nicely.  Goodness, I'm freezing, I can't believe that we had the wood burner alight yesterday evening, and I think its heading the same way tonight.

Anyhow enough moaning, instead I'd like to share with your a couple of lovely things that I've won over on blogs recently.  Honestly, when I've seen my name come up, I've been so excited you may well have heard me :)

Firstly, just look at this amazing book I that I received from Jo from Curly Scrapbooker

I can't wait to have a good read of it, I think it's just what I need.

Then just the other day, these lovely goodies came from Becky, over at Becky's Scrapbook Burblings, for me. 

Thank you guys so much xxx

Ok, I did say that I'd share with you, my smash book playing.  I recently bought a Prima mixed media doll stamp, and together with some Promarkers, this is the outcome.  I've been busy checking out Pinterest for inspiration with tags etc., so hopefully more to follow.

And lastly .... on this rather chilly Sunday, here's to the weather improving next week.  Not just for the start of Wimbledon, but also because we have new garden furniture being delivered tomorrow - as due to the high winds of recent days, it bought down our garden parasol smashing our glass table and breaking part of our decking.

So enough is enough ... are you listening weather! ... Summer needs to start tomorrow! .. There, I'm putting my foot down.


  1. Ouch! to the glass table and the decking but well done on the wins! I love the look of that book - you'll have to let me know what you think :)

  2. Isin't it lovely Sandra to recieve something in the post !! Love the look of your smash book, its on my list of must haves !!

    hugs Diane xx

  3. It certainly is time for some better weather!! What lovely goodies....hoorah for happy mail.
    Love your page....I think I need a Prima doll.

  4. What super goodies - have fun & enjoy.

    I agree, it is about time the weather settled down and delivered some nice stuff. It was forecast to be lovely here today but so far it is overcast very breezy and chilly.

    Toni xx

  5. We were just standing last weekend staring sadly at a piece of broken decking just like that!
    That photography book is brilliant. I agree

  6. I do hope summer is starting this week - I am fed up with it and have decided that the winter coats and bedding will be washed this week!!!! Normally I have done this job by end of April/beginning of May.

    Well done on all your giveaway wins - I am like you - I get so excited!!!

    Hope the decking can be fixed easily.

    I love the journal page - fab work with the Promarkers xx

  7. Bummer about the deck. Hope the weather warms up for you soon. Ours is quite hot and humid right now, be careful what you wish for, lol! Love the photos of your crafty goings on.

  8. I'm so fed up with the supposed summer - I'm leaving! Ha ha. Well done on your wins - isn't it exciting to win something?

  9. I so want it to be a nice summer. Congrats on your wins Sandra x

  10. Congratulations on those wins. The top book looks like a fab read.

  11. nice wins! I am keeping my fingers crossed that the good weather comes and stays!!

  12. Lucky girl with your prizes - the sun certainly has come out to play, hope you're enjoying your garden furniture :)

  13. Your smash book is looking great x

  14. How lucky are you? Two fabulous prizes. Love how your smash book is developing and I keep looking at those Prima stamps and thinking I may need to try them out. The weather is quite bizarre at the moment, on Monday we had the heating on at work in the morning and all the windows open in the afternoon.

  15. So pleased you liked your prize :-). Love your smash book - the stamped doll is lovely xx

  16. Oooh glad there was some happy mail to go with the garden unpleasantness. Hpe you have the sun, because we don't!!
    Congrats on being spotlighted on the CKCB too :-)

  17. What lovely goodies you got and well deserved too! I have that (and a few others) prima stamp too and love to colour it in with my copics :D Such shame about the broken table and decking but its given you an excuse to shop and that can't be bad, can it?



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