It's an obsession

Monday, 14 May 2012
It really is ... I'm truly in love with my iPad ... there, I said it!  Its just perfect for blog reading in the evenings when I'm half watching tv and half on the computer.

So the other day when it was National Scrapbooking Day, and I put a sketch up on UKS for our team and well, I couldn't think of anything better than scrapping my other obsession and that special day.

Its all about the weekends

Wednesday, 9 May 2012
We're all the same ... we love our weekends, don't we?  For me, its also a time that Simon and I go out and have breakfast somewhere.  Usually its either Cafe Rouge or a Carluccio's .. and I never really differ from what I have at each place either.

Anyway, recently on UKS - the inky minxs put up a weekly challenge, and I just LOVED the sketch they chose - I couldn't really fit all of the requirements, but that didn't really stop me, I just did the bits that did. 

Part of me taking my photo a day, is the joy it gives me for just scrapping my everyday moments, like these.

In Awe

Tuesday, 1 May 2012
I'm truly in awe of just how kind, talented people really are.  We've been so lucky with all the people we've got working on Mum & Dads house, not only are they getting on with the job and doing it quickly - but they're really, really nice.  Anyhow, the other day - Simon called in and was chatting with them - and spied some amazing cupcakes that the plasterers wife had made.  Very kindly, Ian, the plasterer saved Simon & I one - anyway, he said as he gave them to Simon .. "oh these are just everyday cakes, I'll get my wife to make some nice ones".  Well trust me, her everyday cakes would put an awful lot of high end cake shops to shame.  So ... long story short.  A few days later ... Ian hands me a box of these stunning, stunning cakes.  The only word I could say was wow! .... and of course like any scrapper ... got my camera out straight away LOL.

I did share them with the neighbours that came in and let Eddie in the garden while on Jury Service, and with Simon  .. so please don't think I ate them all to myself ... although I did have the bulk of them .. but in my defence - they tasted as good as they looked.

If you're on Facebook ... do pop along and see her other cake designs - she's very very talented - based in Woking (and I'm hoping this link works)!/cuppycakesdesigns. but if not, you'll find her as her header on facebook are these cakes :) 

I'm almost up to date too on things that have slipped while on Jury Service ... it's so nice to get back into my routine again - even this horrid rain can't stop me from feeling happier.

I'm back!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012
I've been awol for way too long, and for that I'm very sorry. It's not an excuse, but in my defence, I've been on Jury Service - now I know that some would LOVE to do Jury Service, but trust me, I'm not one of them. 

I was lucky in a way, as initially, my letter came and said I would have to go to the Old Bailey - but luckily, on the day I did my trial journey, I got a phone call, asking if I wouldn't mind changing to a local Crown Court.  Well, if the chap asking me had been in front of me, I'd have kissed him LOL. Mind you, I thought stupidly, that by being local, I would only get to do 2 weeks ...ooohhh no! ... 4 weeks later - I'm free again. 

So I am trying to catch up, and find out what you've all been up too - so I'm happy to say I'm back and blog reading again ... and yes, shockingly enough, I'm even feeling quite creative - so watch this space.

Almost there

Friday, 9 March 2012
I'm almost up to date with my week in photo's layouts ..... I can't believe how much I actually enjoy scrapping in this size.  Although saying all of that - I'm itching to do a 12 x 12.

Anyway, week 7 saw Valentines week, and Simon sent me the most beautiful roses and a balloon, which is still going strong even now.  Also this week, was the hairdresser, my cousin visited during the day, although I have a feeling her visit was more to see Eddie, than me; coffee with friends and as it was half term this week .... Emma's little girl, joined us for R&D ... actually, so did her son, but when I asked him to pose, he ducked under the table lol.

Week 8

In week 8, we had Pancake Tuesday and the start of Lent - so the last of the violet and rose creams, just HAD to be eaten :). Plus, a trip to the Make-It show, all thanks to Emma winning tickets, and taking me along .. aren't I lucky to have such an amazing friend. I will say, that it really got me feeling creative again. We had just the best time.

Finally ... some crafting

Wednesday, 22 February 2012
I didn't want another month to go by and have only 1 post to show for it. Plus, I've also been feeling a tad more creative this month.  I think this may have more to do with actually having in front of me photos to actually scrap.  Plus, I'm doing a sort of project life ... and by that I mean, I'm taking a photo every day on my iphone and printing out the "my week" app photos.

I've actually decided to do this in a A4 format, as I want it to be a quick, fun project ... which requires little thought lol. 

So armed with these ideas .. I not only shocked myself, but the girls at last Thursday, and Saturday crop by doing a total of 6 layouts! ... yes, that's shocked you all too.  And .... I still managed to make 2 trips to starbucks for a caffine fix.

I find these really quick and easy to do at a crop, although once I'm up to date .. I'm hoping to spend just a bit more time on them, but I'm happy with the format.

A friend has said that Paperchase had some rather yummy A4 files in, so I feel a trip coming on for one.

Pinch ... Punch

Wednesday, 1 February 2012
First of the month :)

... sorry about that, but its always something Simon and I still do ...Will we ever grow up lol.

Anyhow, I know I said I'd be back with a bit of crafting, but I still haven't photographed it - so for now, here's my week 4 in pictures. 

Firstly it was Chinese new year, so we had stir-fry ... yes, that really is as exciting as my life gets LOL.  Another photo of a coffee shop, I'm afraid - then a few things to sort out still with the solicitors, and also we went to the crematorium and have arranged a place for Mum & Dad's ashes.  We actually placed Mum's ashes in with Dad, so they're truly together again now.  Anyhow, I wasn't sure I wanted to photograph the office where we made the arrangements, but I am doing this to journal my life, so I did.  Next,  was Simon having a cold ... hence the day nurse.  And lastly, it was Simon's birthday this past Monday, but on Sunday we had my aunt and cousins over and I made a Red Velvet Cake for him ... although, sadly it didn't turn out as red as I had hoped.

I also said to Fi, that I'd join in with  this weeks, what's on your workdesk? ..... and, well to be honest, not a lot - I've got a new set of stamps from Stamping Up to make some Easter Cards ... and there are a couple of half finished layouts, but that's about it.  So really I need to get my act together, don't I?

What have I been doing?

Monday, 23 January 2012
Well, I know I've been busy, but busy doing what? That's the question.  I have been to a couple of crops and even more surprisingly, I've actually achieved something at them.

I've also been keeping up with my photo a day.  Although I've not followed any prompts, the photos do show a snapshot of our lives - which was the plan :)  I'm still not 100% sure how to showcase them, and as much as I adore seeing others who are doing Project Life, I'm not quite sure I want to take on that level of commitment - also, I'm not really wanting to buy another album for that.  So I may well do it, but with a slight twist to it ... uuummm, I think that still needs some thought.

Anyhow, a blog I do follow is the lovely and talented Alana, and her blog The Little Blue Shed.  Well each week, missy clever clogs, puts up a mosaic of her week.  Well, I've just loved seeing that, so I asked her how she did it, and to my glee, it's an app.  Well, I love my apps, so yes I downloaded it and if anyone is interested it's called My week in pictures.  Now, getting it on to here was a different story, and again, Alana came to my rescue .... only, she managed to confuse me! LOL ... so instead, I took the easy way out and emailed them to myself.  And here they are; my past few weeks, not the most exciting in the world ... but hey, so far, so good!:)

Week I

It shows; we took down the decorations at the little house, a thursday night crop, a shopping trip to Kingston & we had a skip delivered to start clearing Mum & Dads.

Week 2
It was the lovely Jo's, big birthday at the crop, so of course, she had to be my photo of the day; I got to meet up with my friend Michelanne and her gorgeous little man Jimmy; also, here is a picture of my new iphone case from Cath Kidston (oohh its so pretty)  and oh and we tried to do boiled eggs like Heston makes LOL.

Week 3
The main one is of my friend Emma, who invited myself and a couple of friends for lunch to her place; I also met up with another friend for coffee this week & we spent a lovely weekend at the little house - I had to capture, this photo of the boy who is looking for boats going past the back garden! ... he's such a nosey so and so, I'm sure one day, I'll hear a splash and have to send Simon in to fish him out. LOL. 

Something I have noticed ... I do tend to go out for coffee rather a lot LOL.

I have been creating, so I'll take some photos and show you next.  Please don't think I've fallen off the end of the earth ... I am still here, and yes, still feeling positive about this year.