A Vintage Affair

Sunday, 31 July 2011
Vintage is hip! ... well that's for sure, judging by the Vintage Fair at South Bank on Friday. 

I'd like to share some of the photos from the day.  Of course I won't share them all with you ... I went a little mad clicking my camera at nearly everything, but a word of warning ...this is still a photo heavy blog post :)

I truly had just the most amazing day, just wandering around, soaking everything in ... my husband on the other hand, who luckily didn't come with me, just said ... "so Vintage Fair, isn't that just another word for Jumble sale!!!"

Explore ... has started

Monday, 18 July 2011
I've often signed up for classes but never really completed them ... I'm sure I'm not alone there.  So when I signed up for Shimelle's latest class "Explore" - I set myself a challenge, to actually try my best to follow the prompts as they appear and, as often as I can actually join in the chatter on her forum.

So here we are, Day 1 of Explore!  Yes, I've made my playbook, and taken my self portrait! eekkk ... and even written my Note to Self - so, so far, so good.  Now I do think that some of my journaling is going to be kept quite and to myself so that I can really express how I feel - but I would like to share my first page with you.


18 July 2011: that's the date I'm starting Shimelle's "Explore" class - I need to get my creativitiy flowing! I've been lost for some time now, and with Mum's passing, it's just magnified things. So Jump in - that's my new motto!

Our first task, was to do a self photo - and although I did one at the beginning of the year for my "one little word" class (which is another thing that I've not done anything with) today's me, is a completely different person than I was on the 1st January. I'm not happy to be in front of the camera and as such I tend to like to photograph family members, pets or even houshold ojects - but this is a new me, who wants to do so much more - I want to learn, I want to be more creative - I want to explore who I really am, and what I'm capable of.

So Jump In Sandra! .... and don't worry if you mess up, it's only paper!

Ok, there it is is ... and also, I'm going to share my photo with you ... and well, this really is me - as I am normally and that is Nosey! ... you see, I was taking my photo in the mirror and then a delivery van pulled up outside, and true to the person I am - I had to have a little look see, and as I did - I clicked in error!  ... so of course, if it's about Explore - well, in a way I was exploring the outside lol.

and here is my front cover of my book - I first picked out pinks, as normal - but then realised I was going to try something different, I may well still add some more and tweek it a little, but for now, I'm happy with it.

Thank you for all your recent kind coments, it's meant a great deal to me - and please, feel free to nag me, if I don't do as I say, and keep up with the class :)

Back into the world of blogging

Saturday, 16 July 2011
Its been a very difficult few weeks for me recently.  Some of you are aware that I lost my mother on the 1st July, and it's taken me quite some time to come to terms with it - but this isn't a sad post, instead I just wanted to explain why I've been awol recently.  I am slowly getting my act together, and I hope you all won't mind but I think I'll start my blog reading again now and afresh ... I don't think I'll be able to play catch up with past posts.

I would just like to share this poem with you from Patience Strong, who was a favourite of my grandmothers.

Life and Death

When blossom breaks on bush and spray, God speaks
to all who grieve. There is no death, He seems to say
Look up, have faith, believe.
Our loved ones pass beyond our sight. We say that
they have gone. But they are somewhere in the light -
where life and love go on.
So when you see the flower hedge, and green leaves
on the tree, remember that it is a pledge of immortality.

And I'd also like to share a layout I did a couple of years ago of my wonderful mother ... I was truly blessed to have been her daughter.