Monday, 27 March 2017

Week 12

Goodness, what a week its been.  

Lets see, Monday saw me doing a spot of babysitting for a friend, followed by a lovely delivery from Susie Watson with some goodies for the little house.  

Wednesday was an awful day.  London was hit by a terror attack and, my heart breaks for the families of those taken from us and those people effected.

Simon went back to work after a weeks holiday, but over did it with his leg braces.  Which resulted in him unable to walk, as it was too much to soon and put his hips out of alignment. So a trip to the doctors for some serious pain killers and anti inflammatories, has helped him. 

I also had a coffee meet up with my cousins and some old family friends; a truly fabulous time, with lots of reminiscing about mum and dad and the "old days".  I'm just annoyed that I forgot to take a photo of us all .... oh well, we'll just have to do it all over again. 

Friday was our first proper session with the dog behaviourist; she's a zen master an a miracle worker lol. I have high hopes for her, but I think its more us that needs training, rather than the bears.  

A trip later to Loaf, to look at a new sofa for the little house and then just filling more of the skip for me. 
Sunday saw us clearing out the little house, as the first of the tradesmen are starting this week.  First up are two days of the fireplace people starting; and then the landscapers are due this week too. Its all very exciting, if not a little scary.  I did have a little glimpse of what our life will be like, as we had a few people pop in while passing ... well, 10 to be exact. 

I wish you all a lovely and safe week. 


  1. Sorry to hear about poor Simon - hope things are okay now.
    You certainly have some exciting times ahead of you.
    Toni xx

  2. All my best wishes to Simon.

    I'd love to pop in!

  3. I hope Simon is feeling better now, it must be like having to learn to walk all over again. It looks like you had a great week, you'll have to give me some tips on how to make Alfie behave :) xx

  4. Oh poor Simon - thank goodness for medical attention & intervention. Good luck with the Zen Master Dog Trainer ... happy week ahead.

  5. Wow, that was quite a week!!


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