Monday, 20 March 2017

Weeks 10 & 11

Happy International day of Happiness .... well that is, if you're reading this on Monday 20th March.

I'm playing catch up again, so here are two weeks worth of happenings.  As you can imagine, life is pretty chaotic at the moment.  Trying to get both homes ready; don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying it, but I don't feel I have as much time for blog reading or writing at the moment.  Still, I know we're all busy people, so I just need to get on with it, and stop faffing.  So, here it is

Week 10
I finally got my act together and painted the walls of the utility room.  Now at least the walls are all the same colour throughout downstairs.

I met a few friends this week too, first up was my lovely friend, Jenny, whom I first met at a gardening class we did.  We had a lovely catch up at a garden centre and later that week, I also went out with the "WOW's" (Women of Walsingham lol, which is the name of our road).  Anyway, we had such a lovely evening at a local Thai restaurant.

I also managed to do a little project life catch up, with the help of Bertie. Who shockingly didn't actually grab everything in sight in my craft room.

It was Crufts this week and it was lovely to see a Lakeland in the final. He didn't win, but we were cheering for Alan.

On to week 11
Simon had this week off as we had a lot of appointments.  First up, Simon got his leg braces; its going to take a while for him to get used to them as they're so so different and quite cumbersome.  We spent some time at the little house too, seeing more tradesman and we also got our loft boarded out.  The decorator will be starting soon, so we did a little trip to Farrow & Ball for him.

Now one of the huge huge highlights for me was that Simon surprised me, and ordered me the original artwork from the woman that is making cards out of some of my instagram photos.  I can't tell you, how happy I am with them.

Also this week, we had a new trainer for the bears, well not a trainer of sorts, oh no, they've only now got a dog phycologist lol.  She was here for 2 and half hours, and I was shocked at how well she managed to get them to behave, so I have high hopes.  Staying with the bears, they had a trip to the groomers
I just love that the groomers, takes photos of them. 

Finally, we have a super duper new coffee machine. Oh my, it's amazing. Seriously, the best coffee that I've ever tasted.  

Ok, that's it from me for tonight.  I'm hoping to try and get back to blog reading.  As you know, I'm a big believer in if you blog, you should try your best to get around to blog reading.  Its an amazing community and I love it, but you only get out of it, what effort you put in.  So I apologies that I've been lacking in that department.


  1. The Bears look so cute with their new dos .. those cards/drawings are really good. I cannot imagine trying to keep two houses, one is more than enough for me. Decorating choices can be fun, a loft conversion is a lot to undertake! Brave you. I am not enjoying the busyness I have on this week & next - it makes me feel so scattered even though I am organized. As an introvert I need so much quiet/down time. Happy week ahead!

  2. Gosh, so much going on.
    The artwork of the bears is fabulous and they look so sweet after their grooming session.
    Have a great week.
    Toni xx

  3. Busy couple of weeks with lovely goodies :-) xx

  4. Those are such cute pictures of your rascals. Poor Simon! That doesn't look like much fun at all.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog Sandra. I'm wishing you a great week x

  5. i do love your bears! our pooch groomer takes photos too and wicket always so sweet :)
    those originals look amazing your super lucky
    sounds like a busy couple of weeks you've had! we all have them so don't worry, cant wait to see the move into the new house :)

  6. It looks like a lovely 2 weeks, I hope Simon is getting on ok with his braces x


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