Monday, 21 March 2016

Week 12 ... The week that was

filled with cold and flu tablets.

Sadly, Simon succumbed to his cold over the weekend, while we were at the little house, and although that meant we didn't get out and about much, we still had a lovely time.  I apologies now, as this post is filled with photos of the bears.

Here is Simon working from home, with help of course.
Bertie found this work a little bit boring.

I moved this little footstool while moving furniture around, and Molly seems to like it, right where it is. 
The bears had another trip to the vet, for their kennel cough injection
Easter decorations came out and this little "E" was waiting for me, when we arrived home. 

We went to a vintage handmade fair at the weekend, and had a lovely time, and I got some lovely bits.
And finally .... looks like I'll have more sewing to do!

Enjoy your week friends.  I'm now going to take some cold tablets ... yup, Simon has kindly shared his cold with me. 


  1. Seems like this virus is really doing the rounds, hope you're both better soon.
    What a rascal that young bear is, ripping up the bed! Too adorable to get cross with though.

  2. Beautiful photos Sandra. Hope you & Simon are soon on the mend.
    Toni xx

  3. Lovely love your bright and sunny Easter decorations. Hope you and Simon are better soon, Tom has had it just hoping I avoid it. Xx

  4. Hope you are both feeling a lot better very soon.

    Your photos are light and bright

  5. Sorry to hear you have both succumbed to the lurgy. What lovely bits you found at the vintage fair.

  6. Photos of the Bears, never a problem. Your haul from the vintage craft sale all look like real treasures. I like the accompanying bouquet of fresh flowers. Pretty Easter decorations.

  7. Hope you both feel a bit better soon Sandra....adore all your easter bits and pieces. My two used to rip all their toys apart and just leave the skins so to speak, so I was always picking up stuffing. Funny thing is they never attacked their beds....

    hugs Diane xx

  8. Poor Simon he does look full of cold :-( lovely photos as always - I love the laundry picture xx

  9. Love your little "e"! How naughty of the bear to think his/her bed is a toy to chew - at least they left some stuffing in!

  10. You can see that Simon was full of cold in those photos, I hope you're both feeling better now. Alfie prefers the stuffing on the outside of his bed too :) xx

  11. OH, I hope you feel better quickly! Such lovely Easter decorations - I didn't get mine out this year as we've just returned home from a long road trip. (But we are hoping/planning to dye some Easter eggs!)


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