Monday, 16 November 2015

Me on a Monday

You'll find me this morning struggling a bit with this blog post in light of the events over the weekend as we all are, I'm sure.

So lets see if I can make sense of my weekend, and it was a busy one all said and done.

Friday evening saw us go next door for dinner ... honestly, I'm the luckiest girl to be living right next door to my friend and one that's such an amazing cook, we had a fabulous evening, and I could have stayed forever chatting and laughing.

Saturday morning I was off early to a sewing class ... but lets just say, this is what we were making
And well, mine looks NOTHING like it lol.  For a start its still legless, and I need to re-sew it's ears on, but I will (hopefully) share a photo when finished.

I also got spoilt while there, as Simon sent me this photo .... he made me iced fingers, my fav and they were so yummy. Plus my scrapbooking kit from Cocoa Daisy arrived.

Sunday saw the bears having a play date. Our friends have an 11 month old schnauzer, called Holly ... she was born on boxing day.  And they wanted to introduce her to the bears.  It took a little calming down, and a few hissy fits at first, but it soon became the Molly and Holly show. Girls have got to stick together lol.

There you have it.  I wish you all a safe week friends x


  1. A safe week to you and yours too Sandra.

    Again, we share another food love. I do like an iced finger. If we ever went on a picnic together I think it would be of us would be pulling the things out of the bag going I brought this and this and the other one would be going that's my favourite and that;s my favourite.

  2. I think if I'd done the sewing event it would have needed more than just a leg and ear fixing - I might just have managed a wonky star. Those buns look divine, I love a good sticky bun. Have a good week x

  3. Oh I do look forward to seeing your Christmas crafts ... just in case the legs done get on, blame the bears (lol). Lucky you with treats of the food kind & the scrapping kind - perfect.

  4. Aww those bears look lovely - look forward to seeing yours when they are finished.

    Having grown up through the 70s and the IRA campaign on the mainland, my gran always use to say that the terrorists have won if we live our lives in fear and stop doing things. I always use to scare the hell out of my Mum by insisting on going up to London every year just before Christmas to do shopping and see a show. I think all we can do is carry on living our lives and hope that one day this madness will end.

    Have a good week x

  5. Sounds like a nice weekend! Looking forward to seeing how the sewing project turns out - it's definitely above my skill level!

  6. Ooh, I loved iced buns. My husband doesn't get it at all. He always says, "Why would you want a bread roll with icing on?"!

  7. I do like a sticky bun ;)
    I look forward to seeing your finished bear x

  8. Ooh those iced fingers look great, they're my favourites too but I'm so bad because I put butter in mine! xx

  9. The iced fingers do look nice! Hope your sewing project has legs now!


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