Monday, 24 August 2015

Me on a Monday

Waving at the lovely Sian, for this great idea.  You'll find me this rainy Monday wading through the mud and grim that has been our home for the past 3 weeks.  The garden renovations are going very slowly. So on Thursday, we packed our bags and put the bears into the car and took off for the little house.  Did I mention the builder doesn't work on Fridays!

Anyway, we had a fabulous time .... the sun was shining, so what was not to love.

So here is a short round up in photos;

Bertie and I smooched and watched the tide come in

Lots of drinks and b-b-q's were had outside

The doors were flung wide open and the bears had a lovely time. 

We walked along the sea wall and saw the plaques that we bought for Simon's father and grandparents along the new causeway

The back in 10 minutes, is a nod to his sign that he used to put in his workshop when he went out on his boat 

All in all ... a fabulous weekend was had, and I didn't want to leave. 

I've realised I've not shared many photos with you all of the little house, now the building work has been completed.  So I will share those with you over the next few weeks.  Here's one of my gorgeous kitchen though. Oh how I love it .... you can see why I didn't want to leave. 

Thanks for sticking by this photo heavy post.  Have a great week x


  1. It must be great to just up and go for a few days when you want....i'd want to.... just to be able to spend time in your kitchen :) x

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend - and what a lovely little home to spend it in x

  3.'d never be stuck for something to look at with that view! Thank goodness you had somewhere else to go when the building got unbearable. Your kitchen really is must be a pleasure to work in (almost lol)

    Hope this week is a productive one!

  4. Your bears are so adorable. Lovely new kitchen - it's great when a plan comes together as you had envisioned.

  5. Just green with envy Sandra !! How perfect is glad you could chill out sweetie !!

    hugs Diane xx

  6. You have a lovely little house - it looks perfect, I wouldn't want to leave either!

  7. Your weekend sounds idyllic - sea air, eating outside and the Bears. That plaque made me smile x

  8. Oh, it looks like a fabulous weekend at the little house. I'd definitely want to stay in that kitchen a while, too! Have a fabulous week!

  9. Fabulous photos Sandra. Sitting outside enjoying the world is wonderful - I love your day & night photos of the table and that mug looks such fun.
    Hope you have a super week.
    Toni xx

  10. It looks like you had a fantastic weekend, I love those plaques xx

  11. What a lovely weekend, and how lovely your little house is - have a great week x

  12. A lovely weekend....and the perfect view.


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