Monday, 3 August 2015

And that was July

Goodness, the months are flying by.  Each week I do a marker for my photos to keep them in order, for when I'm printing out and catching up on Project life, and can you believe it ... we're already going into week 32 today.

So here you are, a quick glance at what July meant for me.

Of course, lots of days out with the bears; a few trips to the vet as first Bertie dislocated his toe and had to be x-ray'd, then Molly was very sick with a stomach bug.  We also moved my greenhouse out, as we have having to renew some fencing at the back. We had dinner with our lovely neighbours again (hoping it becomes a monthly event).  A little Emma Bridgewater may have been ordered during their online sale and my darling friend Sue came over.  Sue is someone I've known the longest and although we don't see each other a lot, she's such a close friend, and I feel like we've never been apart.

Other snippets; Simon went to Fortnum & Masons for me, and got me my favourite Jam. Rose Petal; they only sell it for a month or two, so he stocked up. Some time was spent at the little house; dog training classes came to an end for the summer and the decluttering continues; I had an emergency dental appointment.  Oh and lots of coffee and chatter with friends was had.

Another lovely event that July bought with it, was our 27th Anniversary. So we put the camera on timer ... grabbed a puppy each and took a family portrait.

Ok, lets see what August has too offer.  I don't think its going to be as busy, but we are continuing with our decluttering, and we're hoping to have a new patio laid, so you never know.  I'm just hoping to sun shows its face some more.


  1. Great photos Sandra. The months are really flying by.
    I love the 'family portrait' - what a super photo to have.
    Toni xx

  2. Happy Anniversary..what a lovely picture!

    Wishing you a lovely August, using your new Bridgewater

  3. Sounds and looks like a great montth!! Congratulations on your Anniverary x

  4. I love that picture. Such a happy family shot. How are you getting on with the KonMarie method? I sorted out two big bagfuls of clothes over the weekend, picked up by the Age UK van this morning. That feels good.

  5. Oh wow Sandra, what a fabulous photo of you all !! Sooooooooo lovely !! Sorry to hear the bears have been in the wars....and my haven't they grown !!

    hugs Diane xx

  6. That is a fabulous family photo! Congrats on 27 years!! We have plenty of sun to share here - it shines all day & the temperatures are in the low 100s most days. Wish I could send you some! Have a great August!

  7. Just love your 'family' photo Sandra, it's gorgeous.
    Sue xx

  8. Happy Anniversary and what a gorgeous photo of you all - thanks for the blog comment - I have now found that link and added it to my Me on Monday post - you can find the details here -

  9. It looks like you had a great month, that family portrait is gorgeous xx

  10. Absolutely love your portrait!!

  11. Great snaps - July looked very busy indeed.


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