Thursday, 6 August 2015

August Goals

At the beginning of the year, I wrote a list of my planned goals for 2015, I then broke it down each month as to what I hope to achieve.

Well since then things have changed slightly ... the bears for instance have taken a LOT more of my time and work than I ever thought. Plus, I started the KonMarie declutting method; and also we decided to have a change around in how we used our living space, so certain rooms were moved around a bit (a lot actually).

Still, that's all good, and I have achieved some of the plans I initially wrote down, but I'm happy to move my goals around.

So this months plan is;

clear out kitchen cupboards; check dates etc., (started, but not complete yet) 
Continue with Craft Room/Office Organisation
o    Re-organise alchove cupboards
o    Label storage draws
o    Clear clutter from household desk
o    Finish inspiration board
o    Paint Sideboard
Organise "household desk"
Sort out Sewing Space
o    Paint table 
o    Organise draws
o    Organise Fabric
o    Go through sewing projects and re-evaluate
Make up blinds for bathroom
Continue with KonMarie method

I've actually made a start already on the kitchen cupboards and the main reason for this goal is I want to start painting the kitchen cabinets. I've not put that down as a goal this month as I'm not sure I'll get around to it, and to be honest its a big job, so will take a long time.

This month, were having a new patio laid, so I'm pretty sure most of my time will be trying to keep the bears away from wet cement, but I hope to achieve something.  I'll let you know next month how much I completed of this list (if much at all lol).


  1. Yay you've got the table painted :-) Did it do what it said on the tin and dry in 6 hours? I hope you get some time to sew once you have a lovely space to do it in. Thanks for your kind comments on my little "money box".

    1. I did Fi :) ... and I've been now sorting through some of my unfinished projects to start. Only, I'm getting sidetracked oohh'ing and ahhh'ing over some of the fabrics I've found lol xx

  2. Good luck with your list x

  3. I seem to wandering around aimlessly at the moment not being able to focus on anything properly. BUT... after my holidays - I'll be like a new woman - lol ( I say this in the new year, after my birthday etc, etc, ) I have lists prepared for my return lol.. so hopefully I'll get sorted xx

  4. Well done on already having something completed.
    You seem to be do so well with your de-cluttering & organisation.
    Hope the Bears aren't too much of a handful during the patio work.
    Toni xx

  5. Always good to have a list and you've done one and started another already! Good luck and keep us "posted" x

  6. Good luck with your goals and good luck with keeping those little bundles of fun out of the cement LOL - actually you should have their pawprints out there somewhere for posterity!! Thank you for your lovely comment about my butterfly card - yes you do need those dies!!!!

  7. I've got a fair few few 'organising' goals as well.

  8. I've got many of these things on my list to get through in August two, re-organising and sorting out three boys rooms. Tomorrow I will attempt to create a photo wall! I hope you IG all your painting and organisation so I can be noisy :) x x


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