Friday, 24 July 2015

Love & Hate

While the bears are sleeping, I thought I'd take the opportunity to catch up on some blog reading ... and the lovely Louise, over at Boys, Bugs and Beautiful Buttons  had a really interesting post up.  Its all about naming 10 things you love and 10 things you hate. 

Of course that got me thinking, so here you are Louise, my 10 

10 Things I love 
  1. Our Home. I'm a real homebody 
  2. My gorgeous Family, yup, I am the luckiest person in the world to be married to the man that I am, and of course my gorgeous bears. 
  3. Coffee
  4. Tea
  5. Cake
  6. Friends .... they sort of go well with 3,4& 5
  7. Pretty Summer dresses 
  8. Drooling over gorgeous crafting goodies
  9. Instagram ... I'm obsessed
  10. Magazines. I dread to think how much I spend on them a month
Ok, and the 10 I Hate

This one is proving a little hard; as it sort of revolves around the same thing. 
  1. Rudeness
  2. Bad Driving
  3. Not indicating when drivers turn
  4. Litter
  5. Bad Manners
  6. People that talk to loudly in public and want everyone to hear them
  7. Inconsiderate Parking
  8. Flying Ants (yesterday there were loads out) 
  9. Rain during the day, when its meant to be summer (Yes, I am looking out of the window right now at the rain) 
  10. Realising that my mug is empty and I've drank my tea, 
Thanks Lou, this was fun ... maybe I'll do another list like this in a couple of months, to see what has changed, or what I'm loving and disliking then. 

Ok, as I can't blog without a photo .... Let me leave you one of My gorgeous family, and I'm off to make myself another cup of tea now x

Look at the love Daddy gets when he comes home from work lol


  1. Lol....good to see your love and hates. It's hard to narrow it down isn't it ...and yep I can relate to them all, oh apart from the husband bit 😀 (although mines cool too ) . Maybe we should try the currently list on IG x thanks Sandra x

  2. A fun read Sandra, especially on such a horrid day, where gas summer gone?
    Sue xx

  3. I can relate to some of those things and am guilty of others 😕. I love the photo of Simon and the bears. What a wonderful welcome to come home to. So cute XX

  4. I can certainly relate to a lot of those.

  5. I'm catching up today and delighted to spot you over a great pile of holiday unpacking (yes.still.) It's good to see you back writing again. I'm agreeing with lots of things on your list. Of course!

  6. Oooh what a great way for your hubby to de-stress Sandra !! Only a dog lover knows this....think I might have a think about 10 loves 10 hates....

    hugs Diane xx

  7. Great idea for a blog post - will jot this down as an idea for Blogtoberfest when I am struggling to come up with ideas for 31 blog posts. gosh I must have missed flying ant day - didn't notice any here - I have to shut the whole house up when they are out doing their thing - really can't stand them and I am sat here shuddering at the thought of them getting in my hair!!

  8. Great list Sandra and a fabulous photo. What a wonderful way to be welcomed home from work.
    Toni xx

  9. Loving catching up with your posts :-) ha, ha, I think driving issues would be on my top 10 hates - grrrr since when did it become ok to cut corners and then the person on the wrong side of the road glare at you!!! very rude - lol I also have quite a few similar likes - have a great weekend xx

  10. Great list and great photo too!

  11. What great lists! Loved reading your loves and hates and love the photo too!

  12. Great lists, I hate a lot of the same things as you xx


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