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What a week!

Monday, 16 June 2014
The lovely Sian has, as always, come up with a great idea ...Me on a Monday. Its a great way to have a round up of your weekend, use a photo of yourself (not sure about that bit lol) and also, if like me, have help with a blog prompt. 

My dear friend Jo, does something similar each week too, where she does a round up of her past week, which I love. I think that must help too with Project Life.

So this is sort of both of them in one lol.

Firstly .... and I'm not a big one for doing selfies, but here it is; me on a Monday (just about to leave the house for coffee with my friend Emma, we meet every monday) .  Sian put in one of her posts that she's not in many of her photos or layouts, and as I look back through our project life album, I can say for sure, I'm not in many of the weeks. So maybe this might be a way of changing that.

Last week we were so very lucky to have my cousins from Australia staying with us. One of them won a holiday from a radio station, and after a week in Scotland, we picked them up at Kings Cross and bought them home. So here is a few photos from our amazing week, which include; The London Eye, a trip to Harrods, going through the family tree, afternoon tea at Fortnum & Masons, a night drive in London and a trip to Brighton.  All in all we all had a fabulous week.  They went home on Saturday and now I just need to win a holiday to Australia ... how hard can that be lol.

family selfies 

so lucky as they were passing by while practicing for Trooping of the Colour

Another hobby reinstated 
Ok, must dash .... that coffee and cake are calling me.  Thanks Sian and Jo for the ideas xxx


  1. OMG there is no way I'm doing this....a photo of ME !! Really love your selfie and fabulous photo's of your week sweetie !! I really do enjoy seeing what you have been upto, my life is rather dull....

    hugs Diane xx

  2. Brilliant! Lookin' really good in that top picture Sandra. We have almost identical tops and phone covers.but you might have guessed that :) My nails could do with more attention. Yours are fab!

    I managed to avoid showing my face this week. It's my foot instead..

  3. That is a lovely photo of you. I'm glad you had a nice week with your family, it looks like you managed to fit loads in! xx

  4. You should do more selfies :)
    I've been following your fabulous week on Instagram x

  5. Thats a great selfie of you x looks like a super week x

  6. Fab week......the tea in F& M looked amazing!! X

  7. That's a lovely selfie.....and sounds like a lovely week as well.

  8. What a fabulous collection of photos - looks like you had the most perfect weather.

    Toni xx

  9. a wonderful week indeed and just to give you hope I won a trip to New Zealand several years it can happen!

  10. What a lovely collection of photos of what must have been an awesome time! Like the top selfie. Looking good!

  11. What a wonderful week - some great shots and you are looking good Mrs - we need to see more selfies!

  12. Great selfie!!! Sounds like y'all had a nice visit. I'd like to win a trip to Australia, too! :>)

  13. I've found your blog! Could have sworn you were on my reading list but you disappeared! Sounds like you had a fun week xx

  14. What a great round up and I love that selfie as well as the shot of you and your far away cousins.

  15. Wow, I wouldn't have recognised you with the blonde hair from your profile pic! Tea at Fortnums too? Wow!

    1. I hadn't realised how old that profile photo was; thanks for giving me the push to change it x

  16. good to see you in a photo for a change - looks like you have had a fab week and wow how lucky your cousins were to win their trip.


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