Monday, 23 June 2014

Me on a Monday

I wasn't very good at doing any blog posts last week, so I hope this week is better for me.  So to start the week off I'm joining Sian in her "Me on a Monday" .... now there is no way, I'm going to do a selfie every week, but here is me this beautiful, sunny day

Its me wearing my fitbit, and a summer dress (ok, you have to imagine the summer dress, but it's pretty lol)  .... I'm determined to do more exercise and get moving, and this little band helps me measure my exercise/steps and even my sleep.  The good thing is hubby has one (obviously not as colourful) so its good to have someone to be in competition with.  I will say, he beats me hands down on how many steps we do each day. But more often than not, I don't manage my 10,000 steps, its probably nearer the 8,000 mark, so I need to do more.

This past week and weekend have all been little house related projects, and I'm getting very excited as the kitchen is starting to go in; so here are a few photos of what's been happening with the build.

Windows are in on the garage/shed 
Bathroom starting to take shape

New Red door on ... still some door furniture to go on, but looking good
Kitchen is starting to go in. It needs moving closer together, but oh I'm just loving how it's looking. 

There you have it ... so far, we've got about another 3 weeks to go (its running behind but I'm keeping my fingers crossed, not long now)

I'm hoping to, to be back this week with some actual crafting, in the form of Project Life. I'm behind by about 8 weeks, so I need to get my act together and stop faffing about lol. 


  1. Loving the progress with the little house Sandra x
    I'm interested in your opinion on the fitbit...I've been using an app to track my exercise but I'm a sucker for a new gadget...

    1. I really think they're great,mow eve had ours a little over a year and although haven't worn it the whole time, when I do, I certainly put that bit extra work in to reach my target

  2. Ooh, a summer dress sounds like a good plan. I keep promising myself I'm going to sew one this year...

    I'm loving the Little House progress - love those window frames and the kitchen looks so light and bright. You really are getting there :)

  3. I've been thinking about getting a fitbit, but so far I'm doing good getting in lots of exercise this year (riding the stationary bike, walking, strength training, meeting with a personal trainer once a week) . . . if I can keep it up, I'll reach my first weight goal in another month!

  4. Love the material of the dress ...and the little house is looking good!
    Alison xx

  5. yay it is all coming together it really is looking good... not long now!

  6. The dress fabric looks pretty Sandra. How the little house is coming along - I love the cheerful red door.
    Toni xx

  7. It's coming together nicely! The door is ace!

  8. Love to see the Little House updates. Have no idea what a Fitbit is! Off to Google.

  9. Love the Little House, well done on the fitness but Oh that red door - gorgeous.

  10. I believe the dress is pretty, such a sweet print. It looks like there is much progress being made. Love the door and the beadboard in the bath.

  11. What a jolly front door you have - it's lovely. Well done on finding a way to push yourself to move more - not heard of a fitbit before

  12. The building work is looking ooking great Sandra, very exciting - off to Google fitbit now ...


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