Sunday, 29 December 2013

Its been a fabulous Christmas

Firstly, I want to say compliments of the season to you all.  I mean it's a little late to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a bit early to say Happy New Year (although, I'm wishing that to you anyway).

But I will say what a wonderful December we've had.  I've been really lucky that Simon has taken a good chunk of the month off, so that meant spending time with him.  We've not done a great deal, but we just spent the time pottering around, doing nothing in particular ... just enjoying the season.

Each year I tend to decorate our home a little different; and I'm defiantly in the camp of more is always better. So every room, every inch of our home has some decorations. Again, it makes us happy. Talking of which, rather than have "one little word" next year, I'm going to have a great deal of "one little words" ..... Happy, being one of them.  The other I'm really thinking of is; Focus .... and by that I mean focus on what makes us happy .... see, win win ... two little words in one.  Anyway, getting back to the pictures; here they are. A round up of our month.

Firstly our home this season .... I actually couldn't wait much longer, so started decorating on the 30th November. I know, I have a problem :)

Huge change for me not to have a garland on it. but we've loved it.

Our Dining Room
I love my Utility Room so much with the fairy lights, I may just leave them up through the year.
I printed out pictures of Mum & Dad and also one of Aunty Barbara so that they shared our Christmas with us

The Tree in our Bedroom, had our presents under it

Then we had a fabulous time at the Livery Christmas Dinner this year, which was held at stationers Hall, just the most beautiful place.

oh ... and I got a speeding ticket, so have to do a speed awareness course in the new year :(
Eddie got treated as well ... with a new bed. Memory foam no less :) ... I'm hoping it will help with his arthritis - and of course, he loved his Advent calendar each day.

 Also, every year, Emma and I do an Advent Swap as our Christmas present to each other. We even fill out a form that gives us ideas on what each of us would like (saves costly mistakes) but we do this early in September, so by the time 1st December comes along, we've both forgotten what we put on our list.  Anyway, as you'll see, Emma wrapped my gifts sooooo beautifully and I had just the most fabulous time opening a present each day from the 1st to the 25th.  Now as much as we're so similar in all we do, we actually have the opposite taste in scrapping, so sorry Emma, that you had to buy things you didn't like.  Do pop over to her blog HERE, and see what she got from me.  Like I say, she's got rubbish taste lol. We also like different wrapping ... Emma, loves kraft, browns and grey ... whereas give me colour any day.  So mine was all wrapped in oranges and pinks which I LOVED.

Papers were Elle Studio, MME, Teresa Collins and Alison Kreft (all stunning)
Isn't this just the most GORGEOUS ... advent swap. Oh I'm in love with it all.

Even Simon and Eddie got in on the presents from her :)

This year, I haven't really shown you much of my project life album, but I have to say, I've loved doing this project, and have pretty much kept up to date with it. Well, maybe a couple of months behind. But on the whole I've been pleased with it and have certainly learnt a lot. So yay, I'm jumping in again for 2014 and I'll make sure I share more of it with you. I also hope to blog more next year too ... and craft and create more. 

So here's to a fabulous and creative 2014 to you all too. May the year be filled with health and happiness for you all xxx



  1. Oh Sandra...your house is gorgeous and what a fab friend you have in Emma !! What a great idea to do a crafty advent !! I did one on a much smaller scale with my bun tin advent for my mate Carol !! Christmas was not good for me as I went down with a virus on Christmas Eve and I'm still getting over it, but I did have some fab christmas presents !!

    Wishing you all (including your fab Eddie) a wonderful happy and healthy 2014 !!

    hugs Diane xx

  2. ahhh Sandra, it's been lovely to see your gorgeously decorated home and your advert swap. Wishing you a very happy 2014 xx

  3. I love all your decorations and you looked all sparkly too.

    How lovely to be able to spend time with Simon so that you could just enjoy the season. I wish you all the very best for 2014.

    Toni xx

  4. lovely Sandra...especially love your tablecloth in the kitchen and the dog bed...we got one for Alfie dog which he proceeded to rip to is going to be my word for 2014 as well...hope you have the most fabulous new year and all the best for 2014, Lang May your lum reek! Xxx

  5. wow you home is gorgeous and just like a Christmas show home! It has been wonderful to see your festive abode and have a snapshot into your holiday activities. I look forward to seeing more of you in 2014 both via your blog and hopefully in real life too..... I also intend to blog and scrap more,,,,, xxx

  6. All the very best to the pair of you for 2014! What a lovely, long and entertaining post, with lots to look at and enjoy. Your decorations are beautiful, and I think you are right - every utility room needs some fairy lights. Don't lose the lights Sandra :)

  7. Wowzers I just love all your decorations and all those trees - not sure I could get away with that with Mr P - he just about tolerates one tree and a small fibre optic one LOL!! Thanks for sharing a little peek into your home and yes do leave up one set of lights - I permanently have one set up in the dining room and they certainly cheer me up in the long winter months!!

  8. Your house looks absolutely beautiful.....and you're right about the lights....we've got fairy lights along our mantelpiece because I loved them so much one christmas that I never took them down!
    Happy New Year to you.

  9. I love the mantle place it's lovely. The advent swap looks yummy. Happy New Year.

  10. So lovely to see your home all decorated. I love that you have a tree in your bedroom! Ouch about the speeding ticket though. Hope 2014 is a good year for you and brings you more happiness and good health xx

  11. Your home is so lovely - the decorations are fabulous! I agree, the more the better! :>) And such a wonderful stash of scrapbooking goodness in your gift. Hope you have a fabulous New Year!

  12. The house looks lovely and it sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year to you, Simon and my Eddie :) xxx

  13. Your home looks lovely and festive. Wishing you a very happy new year x

  14. Your Christmas-fied home looks amazing! Glad you both had a lovely Christmas - and Eddie of course, looks very pleased with his new bed :)

  15. Sandra - the house looks just gorgeous this year. The best ever! I am glad Eddie enjoyed his Christmas too. He looks very pleased with his new bed - and so he should. Memory foam indeed!

  16. Oh I have loved reading this post! Your house is so beautifully decorated for Christmas! I love that you have room for a tree in the bedroom!! I would definitely keep the fairy light, that would make me smile every day :) So after a speeding ticket you have to take a course? They should do that here! Speeding is a real problem but drivers are so complacent, most of the tickets are given from photo radar so there is no deterrent other than it's costly. Thanks for popping by my blog! I'm pretty excited about blogging again so that's a good sign I'll keep up with it 😃 hope your day is going well Sandra!

  17. just gorgeous decorations - love love love. I miss not having a mantelpiece :-( yours looks stunning. And I especially love the idea of more than one tree - saving that idea for next year. And I'm going to give PL a go this year so wish me luck! So far, all I've done is take a few photos - need to actually get out some of my papers!

  18. Oh wow! You do really go to town don't you?! I love the idea of the Christmas tree in the bedroom and I might have to steal it. Must take you ages to put everything up and take it all down again. Just catching up after the Christmas and New Year hiatus so Happy New Year!


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