Friday, 21 January 2011

I'm a Park Avenue Cocktail!!

You're wondering if I've lost the plot, aren't you?  Well go on, see what your design style is?  Over on the amazing How About Orange blog, I clicked the link .. like you do! and I found myself at  Stylish

Aparently, I like an intimate home of modest proportions and my kitchen is my prize.(yup, got that right), I like Decorative, finished… elegant. The subtle refinements of my sleeping nest reflect a desire for order (again true) and my decorative canvas stretches to the property lines. (and then the bit that really does say it's me)..... "Your 3rd coffee and just beginning to be productive. Pre-war, upper east side attitude. Fun, yet cosmopolitan - your style abides."

And looks like I'm in good company, with Suspected "Park Avenue Cocktails" such as; Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn & Frank Sinatra

Go on ... find out if your a cocktail too :)


  1. It seems I'm 'Old Money Extravagance' :) Thanks for the link

  2. I'm California Country. Thanks for the link but I'm a bit depressed now because I want to live in houses like that and cook in those kitchens and sleep in those bedrooms! Thanks for the link though x

  3. Love it! I am Bespoke Classic, like Lady Diana Ralph Lauren and Fred Astaire!

  4. 'Handcrafted Obsession' for me lol! That'll teach me to be sceptical!!

  5. You`ll never guess..."Handcrafted Obession" for me!! H, he...

    hugs Diane xx

  6. Hi Sandra,
    Don't know what cocktail I am yet, but I know what I like, LOL, & I love sugar letters!! I suspect I'm not as sophisticated as a Cosmopolitan! Glad you got your laptop back, & what a gorgeous photo you had on it in your last post.
    Big Hugs,
    Andie xx

  7. Heh heh, I'm a Park Avenue Cocktail too! What fun! LOL

  8. Love it. Im handcrafted ossession which I mostly agree with


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