Thursday, 20 January 2011

Happiness once more

The thing of beauty is back home .... so happiness can rein once again in our home.  I am of course talking about my beloved laptop! .... For those that may not know, last week I did the most stupid of things, yup, I caught my foot in the lead and my laptop fell on the floor.  For several seconds I wouldn't look, but just kept thinking, please let it be ok - but of course, nope the screen had broken.  So off it went for repair over the weekend - and today I drove to collect it.  Honestly, I just haven't realised how much I depend on it. 

The most annoying thing in all of this though has been my so called loving husband .. who is, without doubt, one of the most clumsy people I've ever met.  He has dropped his laptop and mobile, several times .. never once breaking them! and I've had to put up with him sniggering at my loss for near on a week now and telling me, how I need to be more careful!!! He will soon, be walking with a limp, if he carrys on!

Well the good news too, is I can get back to all my blog reading, I think I have quite a bit to catch up on.


  1. YAYAYAYAYAY! Glad it's fixed! What would we do without them??!!!

  2. Welcome back! Hate it when I can't get on line so I feel your pain!

  3. I'm glad you have got your laptop back. I would be lost without mine!
    Clare x

  4. Thank goodness you got it fixed Sandra - its like having your right arm cut off doing without it x

  5. Its good to know you got your lappy fixed Sandra! Really felt for you when you had that mishap


  6. I feel your pain.... And fear for your husband lol! I'd suggest throwing something at him but maybe better not in case the laptop gets damaged!


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