Our Anniversary

Friday, 30 July 2010
aawww, it's our 22nd Anniversary today :) ... how did I get to be so lucky?  And I know we all think our husbands are the best in the world! But I'm a very very lucky girl, he really is my Mr Wonderful. 

Simon bought me the most beautiful flowers today, and even saved the bag, so that I could take them away with me to Sheppey for the weekend to enjoy LOL.

Now my only question is ... how can I be married for 22 years, when I'm only 23 years old!  Very strange LOL.

Now I did also say, I'd share some of the amazing blogs I've found recently .... well, here is the first of many - oh, I've so got to try the receipe cards .... so do check out My Sweet Savannah Blogspot - she's one creative lady :)

A New Adventure

Wednesday, 28 July 2010
Not that it's good enough really, but I do have an excuse for being a bad blogger recently and not keeping up with my blog reading & commenting much either ... although that, I'm now trying to catch up with :)  But in my defence, we've been pretty busy recently - you see, we've taken over Simon's grandmothers old house.  Sadly, Nan passed away a couple of years ago, at the most amazing age of 101 ... and she was and still is in my eyes, one of the most incredible women that I had the privilege to know. 

Anyway that aside, the house is just perfect .... it's a tiny, tiny house in Kent, right on the edge of the sea, and the creek flows right up past the edge of the back garden - I've lost hours watching the tide come in or out and the boats go by.  So yes, because of that, I am aware that it's likely to flood, so with that in mind - I'm having the time of my life thinking of ways to decorate it cheaply and in the perfect shabby chic style. 

It's not all been sunny days though - the house was just how Nan left it when she went into the home, more than 5 years ago ... although, certainly more spiders have taken residence in that time!  But we've had a good month now of clearing it of all furniture, clothes and knick knacks and as you can imagine that is taking some time.  Still, it's not a big rush and we're spending our weekends there anyway, so it's half the fun.  Anyway, here is a layout I did of the day we got the keys ... yup, I couldn't have been happier. 

So this blog, will now be a combination of craft related projects and also house makeovers ... I tell you, the blogs I've found recently for interiors ... wow, they'll blow your mind!  So, be prepared, I'll be sharing those too with you now :)