Sunday, 25 April 2010

Now that's a gadget!

Ok, I'll hold my hand up, I'll admit it, I'm a gadget girl.  I always say it's my husband that is obsessed with gadgets, but when it comes to crafting, I'm just as bad.  And this latest one, well, it's just perfect.... and even better, I can use it on my other favourite gadget.    It's from Bazzill, and it's an app for my iphone - it's so cool, really it is.  You can choose from one of your photos already taken, or take a new photo and then off you go ... match your Bazzill!! I love it .. ok, it's not the same and the touchy feely bit of picking Bazzil, but it sure is clever.

This weekend, I've been having a wonderful time over on UK Scrappers with their cyber crop, I've not done anywhere near as some have, but those classes, I have taken have been so much fun - I'm sure I'll add elements into future layouts, that's for sure.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Sometimes, I think my head will explode, with all the ideas that are rattling around in it.  At the moment, patchwork and quilting are my obsession - I can't seem to get enough of quilting books, magazines or looking at  different sewing sites.  And I keep printing out my next project (which is actually going to be this Amy Butler quilt ... I think!) - but really, I do need to get on and finish the one I'm working on!  So here is my desk this Wednesday. I'm very lucky to have my own craft room, which means my sewing machine is always out (and so is fabric) and it's on a small table which I keep just for sewing, which is very lucky for me, as I can flit from sewing this jelly roll quilt to playing with paper.  OOhhh someone help me, my head is just swimming with crafting plans!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Practice ... Practice and more Practice

I've been playing more with my Promarkers and found a fabulous blog, Card Oasis that had a really helpful tutorial on it .. thank you Sarah, my gosh, she's just so talented.

Anyway, I have a few birthdays coming up, and just for a change rather than scrambling around at the last minute, looking for a card, I thought, I know what, I'll be super organised  ... ok, no laughing!

I've had these stamps a while now, in fact I think I bought them at last years NEC, and the paper was a free gift in a craft magazine, so all in all, I'm really pleased I've used up some of my older stash.  Anyway, I know I still need to practice my technique, but have to say, I'm just loving my Promarkers, in fact I feel a little shopping trip coming on, I mean, I was good at using up older stash ... so maybe just a few Promarkers LOL.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Not April Fools Joke

It was one of those moments, when you think, surely this has to be a April Fools joke, but sadly no it wasn't.  The doctor, in fact two doctors said I had Chicken Pox.  Its, so not fair!  Still armed with tablets that I'm sure are the size you'd give a horse, I'm determined this isn't going to hang around too long.  For goodness sakes I can't stay in for more than one day normally LOL.  Still it is giving me the opportunity to craft. 

Some friends .. well, I call them friends were trying to get Simon to take a photo of me for a giggle, well that's not going to happen.  So instead I've scrapped my tablets, that I can cope with when looking back on the memory of this Easter, but I really don't need to relive the spots LOL. 

Happy Easter to you all ... and yippeeeee I can eat chocolate again now :)