Monday, 5 April 2010

Not April Fools Joke

It was one of those moments, when you think, surely this has to be a April Fools joke, but sadly no it wasn't.  The doctor, in fact two doctors said I had Chicken Pox.  Its, so not fair!  Still armed with tablets that I'm sure are the size you'd give a horse, I'm determined this isn't going to hang around too long.  For goodness sakes I can't stay in for more than one day normally LOL.  Still it is giving me the opportunity to craft. 

Some friends .. well, I call them friends were trying to get Simon to take a photo of me for a giggle, well that's not going to happen.  So instead I've scrapped my tablets, that I can cope with when looking back on the memory of this Easter, but I really don't need to relive the spots LOL. 

Happy Easter to you all ... and yippeeeee I can eat chocolate again now :)


  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery Sandra. I love your spotty paper and you title made me smile :)

  2. This is a lovely LO Sandra. It;s just a shame you had to be ill in order to do it!
    Hope you get well soon

  3. Great layout Sandra, so different!
    It's such a shame you are ill - I hope you recover very quickly.
    Clare x

  4. Talk about turning a negative into a positive... :o) What a cute page. Feel better soon! Thanks for visiting my blog, too!

  5. Love the title of the LO - so sorry you are poorly - but yippee for chocolate!!!

  6. OH no. Hope you feel better soon.

    I used to tell my kids when they had the pox to jump up and down and it would stop the itching but not sure whether that would work for an adult.

    There is also bathing in bicarb (I think). Might be worth googling.

  7. Love it, love it, love it. What a great layout. Still think you should have taken a spotty picture as well though :)

    At least you are getting some crafting down while you are stuck in.

    I have only managed to finish off the front cover of my circle journal today but there's not a lot of space in a caravan

    Home tomorrow and on holiday for the rest of the week so fingers crossed I get the tidying up done and find a space on my desk to craft (at least I think there may be a desk under all the stuff!!)

    Hugs Suzy x

  8. I love the LO Sandra, shame you've been ill but I hope you've learnt your lesson.......never give up chocolate! LOL

  9. Fantastic page..that spotty paper was made for a lo like this :) I hope you are feeling a lot better Sandra!

  10. Thats a great name for a layout Sandra but so sorry you have to get the Pox to make it! Hope you're not feeling too bad! HUGS xx

  11. Well Sandra, you have gone to the top of the class (much better than that Suzy) and blogged a fantastic, spotty layout. Although you didn't oblige us with a spotty photo you have more than made up for it on the Lo. Well done.

  12. Just to let YOU know I'M still HERE! ;-)

    and we really need to see a picture!!!

    L xx

  13. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  14. Yikes...that is soo horrid. Having Chicken Pox as an adult is no fun. I remember when my husband had it at aged 28, he was quite ill with it. I do hope you are feeling better. I love the idea of scrapping your meds. TFS. ~Glen~


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