Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Stampin Up Trimmer

The excitement of the new catalogue due soon, always means certain products are retiring.  This has its plus points, as lovely new products will be here soon, but also sadly, some of the much loved ones are finishing.  Now one of those much loved ones will be the Stampin' Up Trimmer.  I know, big shock!!

Stampin' Up have recently had some quality and supplier issues so, are taking this opportunity to explore alternative products. Whatever this is, it will not be the same as the current trimmer.  There will also be a gap before a new product does become available. 

At present replacement blades are out of stock, but I'm keeping a look out for that to change.  Sadly, these too will be unavailable when the new catalogue comes out. 

Please let me know if you would like to place an order for some. 

I'll be sharing with you the retired products list next. 

Monday, 1 April 2019

Castle Craft Club

Yup, that's the name I've given our new craft group being held at our local Community Centre.

I have a friend who comes along, and in her own words "Doesn't have a creative bone in her body".Well I can tell you know, that's just not true.  She's been to both classes, and her cards have been fabulous.  She gets craft!, and by that I mean, she experiments and plays with some ideas, and I do think she's been shocked at how well they've all turned out.

Let me share with you the cards we made from our first class.  We used the "Time for Tea" bundle, which is just perfect for most occasions
Our second meeting we used "Hello Cupcake" stamps, as lets face it, who wouldn't want a card with a cupcake on it.
I'm so enjoying my time with these crafting ladies, that I'm thinking of making it a weekly event.