Monday, 30 May 2016

Week 22 ... The week that was

Getting back into a routine

Well, a routine that started with a long weekend at the little house.  We were lucky too as the weather wasn't too bad, and only rained over night and on the day we left.

So here is a little glimpse at my week
When we got home, it was time to start putting the house back in order. I painted the new plate rack that we got off Etsy; Simon spoilt me (again) with getting some new china from Emma Bridgewater when he passed their shop on a way back from a meeting.  The bears enjoyed some sunshine; I got back into my decluttering, and decided not to keep putting all the handbags back that I don't use. I did do a very large drop off at the charity shop too, with things found when clearing out the dresser.  I also had a lovely evening out, which I forgot to photograph with a few of my neighbours. It was so much fun, and we're calling ourselves ... The WOW's ... Women of Walsingham (that's the name of our road) lol.  Finally, we had our last roast dinner cooked on my old oven. The Aga gets fitted on Thursday and Friday of this week, so I'll make sure to take photos.

Its a bank holiday here today, and we're all having a really lazy day, and I'm even hoping to do a little project life catch up.  I'm so behind its crazy.

Have a lovely week friends, and thank you all for the lovely kind comments about my dresser. xxx


  1. Sounds a great week can't wait to see your new aga!!

  2. Enjoy your Bank HOliday! It's work as usual here but I'm going to make a nice summery tea of salmon because the sun is finally shining lol Your new china is lovely.

  3. Oh the new china patterns is lovely, especially the one with roses. The WOWs sound like a delightful group.

  4. Love your plate rack and the new china.
    Looking forward to seeing the aga once it is installed.
    Have a great week.
    Toni xx

  5. HI Sandra,
    As a PLer, I find the way you document your weeks very interesting.
    Your cabinet is BEAUTIFUL!
    Greetings from Chicago (via Sian)

  6. Plate rack looks great!

  7. Great job on the plate rack. Lovely way to show off all your pretty china. The dresser looks amazing!

  8. What pretty china - sounds like you have had a lovely week, wishing you a great week this week x

  9. It looks like you had a really lovely week. Good luck with the Aga fitting x

  10. Sounds like a lovely week - hope this one has been as well! Have a great weekend!


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