Monday, 2 May 2016

Week 18 .... The Week that was


The good certainly outweighed the  bad this week.

On the downside, my sink tap suddenly burst and water went everywhere .... the plus side, was that Simon did some research and fixed it.

Bertie had an ear infection, so my poor boy spent a day at the vets, being sedated and having his ears plucked.  Little Molly really missed him, even more so as she had to go to the groomers without him.

Now the PLUS bit.  I've finally finally ordered my Aga.  Goodness what a hassle.  Now, if anyone does ever go down the route of ordering, don't for one minute, think the store that is only down the road to you, is your local one! ... Oh no, you have to travel over an hour a way to order.

Simon had a livery dinner in fishmongers hall.

Then on Saturday we spent a day in Brighton at the Terriers Walk.  It was AMAZING, even the weather was kind to us.  The bears had a great time, they even got to see their mum & dad again (they are the two Lakelands in the top right photo) and I got to meet up with a lovely Instagram friend, who had come from France, for the walk.  With over a 100 dogs in attendance, it was just such a fun day.

There you have it, I need to get on with more painting this week and try and finish the kitchen.  Sadly, we don't have any hot water at the moment, other than in the utility room, so just waiting for the boiler man to come tomorrow.

Wishing you a lovely day x


  1. What a lovely group of terriers! I bet your two enjoyed all that company. Bet you can't wait for that AGA to arrive. Do you have your long oven gloves ready? My friend who has an AGA tells me you can always tell a new AGA owner by the burns up their arms as you try to retrieve oven trays that are much longer than normal! Oh how I love sitting in front of her AGA on a winter's day with a nice cup of coffee, it's such a homely addition to a kitchen.

  2. I would have loved to see all the terriers out for their walk. Glad the good out weighed the bad in the end xx

  3. I have enjoyed all the photos of the terriers. Lots of wonderful colours & blends. Oh a new Aga - what colour did you settle on?

  4. It looks like you had another lovely week, apart from the tap! I bet that terrier walk was amazing, it looks like you had so much fun x

  5. We bought a book about terriers! So we are making progress: your pleasure in your two is certainly inspiring.

    I hope the hot water is back on again today

  6. Loving your bear pictures.

  7. Well, the bears certainly look to have had a great day at the walk! Hope you've had a lovely week.

  8. Lovely photos Sandra. Sorry to hear about the trip to the vet.
    Toni xx


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