Thursday, 21 April 2016

GROWTH ... My one little word

So, its been 4 months into my word for 2016, the original post can be found HERE and explains the reasoning behind my word.

So, how am I doing? Good and bad really,

On the whole, I've certainly been doing more than I did probably throughout last year. I feel a bit more confident in what I want to achieve too.  I've been meeting up with friends more and even made a few new ones. So, lets start;

G = Gain Knowledge. I haven't as yet learnt to crochet or knit, but I have learnt a lot about painting furniture.

R - Read. I've read more in the past 4 months than last year combined.  So far, I've completed 4 fiction books and have started picking up and looking at my sewing and home design books too.  I've even almost finished the Marie Kondo book on decluttering.

O - Organisation and Decluttering.  That's stalled slightly, but I'm feeling full of get up and go again with this, and hoping to get back into this, this week actually.

W - Wellbeing.  Now, this is defiantly in the bad camp.  I've actually put on a few pounds, but that's mainly been due to baking more. So I need to get back into Slimming world too. Simons been slowing losing weight, but at not the rate he should be; so I do need to get back on track.

T - Technology.  Well, this really has been going by leaps and bounds.  I started blogging with my friend Maria, on our new blog Friends over the Fence. So I've certainly been learning a thing or two about that. Attaching, IG and Twitter accounts.  I've also been growing my own IG account.  So all in all, I'm pleased with that. I'm also using my apple mac now rather than my old PC

H - Home. Huge changes.  I've started painting the kitchen and so pleased with it. I'm still trying to buy an Aga but goodness, they're not an easy company to do business with.

There you have it.  Not a bad start I think, especially only 4 months into it.  Lets see what the next 4 bring.  Hopefully more crafting and an Aga.


  1. Sounds like you are doing pretty well so far. Hope you get things sorted about your aga.
    Toni xx

  2. I like how you broken down your word. I did not participate this year in the online workshop with Ali, but I did pick a word, so thanks for the idea, I need to do this exercise.

  3. There are a lot of good things in there! The kitchen painting is a triumph. And I've heard that changing to a mac is quite hard hurray for that, too. Mmm..weight...I ate way too many mini eggs this Easter..

  4. You are doing great with your word! You've made progress in some areas and others you'll likely see progress in the coming months!

  5. I think you've been doing really well with your word of the year, good luck with the Aga xx

  6. Just had a lovely catch up Sandra.....hope you get that Aga! Xx


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