Monday, 5 October 2015

80 days of Decluttering & Organising

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that checks out Pinterest for decluttering and organisation ideas. As I've said in a previous post, decluttering was my main goal for this year, and I actually did really well with the Marie Kondo method, but then the building work started and well, that all went to pot!

It meant that I couldn't let the bears run around freely, they were confined to either their pen or the kitchen, which in turn meant I couldn't move around and get on with things as easily.  All good excuses, I know, but enough is enough.  The builder is gone! and time to kick myself into gear.

Now, all those lists that I've pinned on my boards, are well and good, but so many of them ... in fact pretty much most of them, don't relate to me. I neither have a basement or childrens rooms to sort through.  So the other night I came up with my own list of things to organise and declutter.  We've 88 days left of this year! ... I know, scary huh.  Anyway, with that in mind, I've given myself an 80 day list. Now some of these will take only an hour or so, others .. well, I daren't think about how long, but this way, if I have time, I can check off more than one, or if one it runs into a few days, its no biggie.

I know this doesn't take into account our loft! But trust me, that's a whole other job, and will require a skip and Simon to be on holiday for at least two weeks.

So here you are ... lets get this show on the road.

80 Days of organisation and decluttering 

  1. Bathroom cabinet
  2. Medicine Draws & cabinet
  3. Simon's bedside unit
  4. My bedside unit
  5. Bathroom cleaning draw
  6. Bathroom shelves
  7. Back bedroom wardrobe
  8. Back bedroom chest of draws
  9. Make up
  10. Sort through jewelry
  11. My underwear draw
  12. Simon's underwear/sock draw
  13. Small top draws in our chest of draws
  14. Bottom big draw of our chest of draws
  15. My wardrobe (hanging side)
  16. Simon's wardrobe (hanging side)
  17. Wardrobe shelves
  18. Draw one in wardrobe
  19. Draw two in wardrobe
  20. Draw three in wardrobe
  21. Draw four in wardrobe
  22. Kitchen dresser cupboard - drinks
  23. Kitchen dresser cupboard - Vase
  24. Kitchen dresser cupboard - Seasonal
  25. Kitchen dresser (3 of the spice size draws)
  26. Kitchen dresser (3 of the spice size draws)
  27. White unit in living room
  28. Shelf behind sofa
  29. CD unit
  30. Window seat
  31. Utility room
  32. Cleaning cupboard in utility room
  33. Under sink
  34. Tea Towel draw
  35. My shoes
  36. Simon's shoes
  37. Coat cupboard
  38. Cupboard with cake decorating bits
  39. Baking tin cupboard
  40. Baking cupboard
  41. Kitchen baking unit
  42. Cookery books
  43. Garage
  44. Q5
  45. Mini
  46. Fabric chest
  47. Household desk
  48. Home binder
  49. Scrapbook papers
  50. Craft room - Embellishment draw one
  51. Craft room - Embellishment draw two
  52. Craft room - Embellishment draw three
  53. Draws under bed
  54. Under bed in back bedroom
  55. Freezer
  56. Dressing table
  57. Canned food cupboard
  58. Jars/Pickles cupboard
  59. Veg cupboard
  60. Bears cupboard
  61. Pan Draws
  62. Cup cupboard
  63. Spice draw
  64. A-Z manual file
  65. Filing cabinet - draw 1
  66. Filing cabinet - draw 2
  67. Filing cabinet - draw 3
  68. Filing cabinet - draw 4
  69. Wrapping papers and supplies
  70. Books
  71. Simon's office
  72. Christmas crafting box
  73. F&M Hamper in hallway
  74. F&M Hamper in dining room
  75. Party box in back bedroom
  76. Back bedroom bedside tables
  77. Dining room sideboard
  78. Cutlery draws
  79. Living room coffee table and draws
  80. Broom cupboard in Utility room
There ... that's it; its a jumbled up list, as I'm not doing it day by day in order. I will pick and choose which one to tackle each day. So now, to get to work on it.  So fingers crossed doing something everyday, will get me back on track and our home organised and decluttered for a fresh start next year.  Maybe I should warn the charity shops I'm on my way.

If you're interested, I have pinned a few good ideas, on my declutter and organisation board; and some lists from others are on here as well. Here's a link to my board.

If anyone else has an either a decluttering or organisation board, please let me know, I'd love to see it. 


  1. As someone in the midst of her own time-related/number challenge [300 blog comments in 30 days, this is comment No.125] I'm right behind you on this! Go you!

    It makes perfect sense to have broken it down into manageable chunks - and doesn't feel satisfying to cross a task of the list. Best of luck with your challenge!


  2. Oh lord Sandra...I would have to find the cupboards first to declutter the draws !!

    hugs Diane xx

  3. Decluttering seems to be on a few people's minds right now. I wonder if it's the changing season or a countdown to a lovely tidy home for Christmas? Whatever the reason, I'm cheering you on.

  4. This is some list Sandra...hope all goes well.
    Toni xx

  5. I think it is nice to have a long list of short (hopefully) tasks to conquer. We've done pretty well here this year on most of our closets and cupboards and drawers - but only because we've delayed making final decisions on some things and moved them into my son's old room. Now we are tackling that - and once it is done, I will feel like we addressed most of our house. So I'm rooting you on big time.

  6. I think if I had a basement I'd just use it as an excuse to stash stuff instead of throwing it out. Best of luck with your big clear out. My system is a lot more basic..I'm forcing myself to throw out six things every day. That's it lol

  7. Wow, that's an ambitious list . . . but I know you can do it!! I've just embarked on a major home re-organization project, moving a few rooms around, that I'm hoping to complete before Thanksgiving so I can decorate for Christmas properly! :)

  8. I'm inspired! It's a brilliant list and one I aspire to! I've been sorting through things for a while but get overwhelmed looking at one big area sometimes whereas little tasks make it so easier. I've not got a board (but thank you for sharing yours) but I do follow this blog which I live for ideas Good luck and keep us posted!

    1. I follow her blog too, isn't it just amazing. And I subscribe to her pinterest, IG and twitter account ... I wonder if that could be classified as stalking lol xxx

  9. Good luck - I am making slow inroads with the decluttering and reorganising at the moment - as soon as I have done my next fundraiser I will be able to do more. I love the idea of breaking it down into small bite size pieces - I think I will have do something similar and maybe if I blog it, it might get done LOL!!


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