Monday, 17 August 2015

Me on a Monday

Do you remember I listed my goals for August! ..... Tell me, why do I bother?

This weekend saw that all change. Last month we moved Simon's home office and my craft room into our dining room.  In my head it still sounds like the perfect solution; we both hate working in rooms away from each other, and it would mean the bears could be with us all the time.  Sadly, in reality, it just didn't work.  Simon needed more space for computers and papers; and well, lets face it, you can never have enough space for crafting bits.  Plus, with 2 big tables in the middle of the room, it meant you couldn't walk around very easily.  So this weekend was actually spent moving everything back to where it was.

The bears were at the groomers; and we visited the most amazing warehouse I've ever been too.  I'm looking to buy a church pew; and I found a place selling mainly church antiques, but oh so much more, and not that far from us.  I truly could have lost myself in there for hours.  So here it is; a little snapshot of our weekend.

Oh and while I'm writing this post, this is happening outside right now :)

I'll be back during the week to show you more of my craft room and it's progress. I'd say I'm 80% done and to be honest, I'm happier in there than the dining room.

Have a lovely week x


  1. Oh my word how tidy and fab is your craftroom Sandra !! And how smart do the bears look with their bandana collars !!

    hugs Diane xx

    1. A friend of mine has just started making doggie collars, bandanas and leads ... how lucky am I lol.

      And trust me, the room will not always look that tidy, it's just while I put things back xx

  2. That warehouse looks amazing Sandra, you will have to tell me where it is, I would love to go there. Your craft room looks so amazing, I wish mine would look like that! Dogs look lovely, so cute xx

  3. They look very smart!

    I admire you taking that step of saying "look, this isn't working" and then doing something about it. That's great. I need to do something with our dining room. It's a dumping ground at the minute..

    Have a great week Sandra.

  4. I completely understand your reasoning for moving into the dining room, but if I had a room as beautiful as this I wouldn't ever want to move out!

  5. It looks like you had a lovely weekend. Can't believe you swapped the rooms back though! xx

  6. A Wave & Good Morning. The bears are adorable and so attentive. I hope all your August projects are coming together.

  7. The bears look beautiful and that warehouse looks amazing.
    Your craftroom looks lovely Sandra. It would have been nice to have a 'shared' space but this is beautiful.
    Toni xx

  8. The bears are so cute & I'd love to visit that warehouse, too! Enjoy the craft room! I'm waving back from Texas as I clean house, do a little paperwork, and set up for an Intro to Bible Journaling class I'm hosting here tomorrow for my young lady friends who'll be heading back to college at the end of the week. Have a great week!

  9. Old (new) room looks lovely and how cute do they look after the trip to the groomers?
    Good luck with the garden transformations x

  10. The bears look adorable, just love their neckties.
    Sue xx

  11. Your craft room is lovely - I don't think I could share a workspace with Mr P, I have begrudgingly allowed him two cubby holes in the 6 x 5 expedit in the room of doom - he did have three but since getting a locker at work I have made him clear one out LOL!!!

    The antiques place looks fab - hope you find exactly what you are looking for there

  12. Don't the Bears look smart :)
    Wow I wished my craft space was so tidy & organised...shame we live a distance away or I'd rope you in to help me ;)xxx

  13. That's a lot of organising and reorganising in one weekend! It's looking lovely now though. And how cute do the bears look with their new haircuts?!

  14. doesn't your scrap room look lush...i'd loose myself in there for hours! Cute Bears!


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